• Solar Battery Storage Systems in Mount Gambier

  • All State Solar

    If you are looking into a solar battery storage system for your Mount Gambier, SA home or business, remember the name AllState Solar. They have a quarter of a century’s worth of experience in the solar and home improvement industries right around Australia. AllState Solar representatives are fully licensed and accredited with the Master Builder Association, Clean Energy Council, Housing Industry Association and the Australian Solar Council. For competitively priced solar storage systems and expert advice, they are your number one choice. Talk to one of their consultants today to discover the possibilities for your home or business. Call 1300 166477.

    Home Battery Systems

    The home battery system has revolutionised solar power right around the globe. Solar energy is now delivering what it has always promised, true self-sufficiency. AllState Solar have a range of home battery systems to consider for your domestic or commercial purposes. Their professional service offers a comprehensive installation for all types of South Australian situations. Regional Australians are discovering the liberating reality of solar battery storage systems.

    Battery Backups

    As government feed-in tariffs have fallen away, the new focus in solar system installations is maximising the sun generated power in homes and businesses. Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionised the home battery system. They are smaller, lighter, longer living and low maintenance. AllState Solar offer Solax inverters with Pylontech LFP, and Sungrow inverters with LG Chem lithium battery storage systems. There are a range of sizes and combinations to consider.

    Solar Storage in Mount Gambier

    AllState Solar can design and install a solar battery storage system for your residence or place of business. With the price of electricity forever increasing, and the high price of LPG gas in Australia, solar power is now a very viable alternative. Lithium batteries and inverter technologies are now delivering true self-sufficiency for businesses and homes in this country. The hybrid solar battery storage system means that you can power your home, even, when the sun is not shining. It also means that you can maximise the self-consumption of solar energy produced in your home to deliver savings on your power expenditure. Solar energy is the future and it has arrived today.

    Off Grid Living in Regional Australia

    These new exciting innovative technologies mean that more people can power their own homes in more places right around Australia. Living off grid is now a possibility without sacrificing quality of life in the home. Talk to an AllState Solar consultant today to find out more.