• The Best Priced Goodyear Tyres in Netley

    We’ve been servicing people in Netley for years – helping them keep their cars in great order. We stock the best Dunlop Tyres and Goodyear. If you’re looking for a new mechanic, come and visit your nearest Goodyear Tyre and Auto care shop – at 253 Richmond Road, Richmond. We specialise in tyre replacement, so come by and see all of the options we have available.

  • One stop mechanic shop

    Your car is something you use everyday. In fact, it’s probably one of your biggest investments. This is why it’s important to take your time when choosing a mechanic. You’ve probably used one in the past, and maybe you haven’t been happy with the service.
    At Goodyear Tyre and Auto, we pride ourselves on providing a local service that’s backed by international quality – so you know your car is in safe hands. We can help you with car servicing, mechanical repairs, battery replacement, tyre replacement, and more. If you’re having any kind of trouble with your car, we can help.

  • About Goodyear Tyre and Auto

    At Goodyear Tyre and Auto, we know tyres. We know tyre standards in Australia, and how to get the most out of them – without putting your safety at risk. We’ll provide you with great tyre tips, for you to implement long after we’ve finished working on your car.

    Strategies like:

    Checking your tyre pressure
    Check your air pressure at least once a week.

    Rotating your tyres
    We recommend rotating your tyres every 10,000km.

    Keep all of your tyres the same
    Don’t mix tyres. They’ll have their own unique characteristics.

    Avoid hitting curbs
    Go around corners safely, and avoid coming into contact with curbs.

    Don’t drive on bald tyres
    This one is a no-brainer. Replace your tyres once they’re worn down.

  • Examining your tyre tread depth

    Braking relies on your tyre grip, to stop in the shortest amount of time. As your car tyres wear, the harder this process is. So how do you keep an eye on the tread depth, in between visits to your mechanic? If you put your finger into the main tread ridge you will notice a small raised notch. As the tread wears down, this notch will become more present. You can also use a tread depth indicator to see how much life they’ve got left in them. As soon as you notice major wear, it’s probably time to replace. It’s best to bring your car into our Richmond auto shop, so we can personally examine the tyres ourselves.