• Laser Tattoo Removal in Glenelg

  • Do you cringe every time you look at that old tattoo? Sick of it on your body? We’re helped hundreds of South Australians remove their tattoos using the gold standard in laser removal technology, RevLite SI Q-Switch Nd-YAG. Our team of tattoo removalists has years of experience working in the laser treatment industry. Trained by some of the industry best laser tattoo removal and fading experts, we continue to build our knowledge in our own studio.

  • Get my tattoo removed

    Just like you wouldn’t want to trust just anyone for to get your tattoo done, the same goes for removing it. We have a long history of experience. We understand the value of good service and price, especially because you’re going to need a few sessions. If you’re looking for a professional company to take care of your laser tattoo removal or fading and lightening, talk to us. Our aim is to get the results you desire. 

  • Fading & lightening

    We also specialise in fading tattoos for cover-ups. Operated by artists and technicians, we can creatively work on your tattoo to make it less obvious. We’re a results-driven team, working collaboratively on unwanted tattoos, from fading to complete removal. We believe in ongoing relationships and our equipment sets the standard for our work. Our complete understanding of the field we operate in helps us achieve any look that our clients want. 

  • Tattooist

    Our team also has years of experience in tattoo art and tattooing. If you’re looking to add a tattoo to your body, get it done by our artists. We’ll work with you to create the design you’ll love. Think of us as your one-stop tattoo shop. We do it all. See the beautiful results we’ve had in our online portfolio.