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    Mary DeNardis is a local Conveyancer servicing Semaphore and the Western Suburbs of Adelaide. As a boutique company, Mary takes care in the fact that she will personally handle all of her clients' settlements or transfers 100% her own.

    Mary knows mistakes can often happen when too much delegation is involved, that's why she keeps her practice small and handles everything from start to finish to eliminate any problems.

  • Conveyancing Specialists

    Conveyancing Specialists was established over 20 years ago by Mary DeNardis. In that time Mary has focused on client satisfaction and a seamless process that delivers the best results for her customers. She has reinvested in her own education to remain on the cutting edge of any legal changes, so that her clients will reap the rewards. Last but not least, Mary is unwilling to compromise on quality. She will handle your transactions from an initial meeting, through the working stage, to completion.

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  • Services

    As a registered Conveyancer for over 20 years, and as someone who constantly attends trainings to stay on the cutting edge of any legal changes for her clients, Mary can provide a number of services.
    These include:
    Private Contracts
    Land Settlements
    Subdivision Assistance
    Review Form 1's
    Prepare and Review Sales Contracts
    Prepare Purchase Contracts
    Spouse Transfers
    Property Transfers
    At all times Mary is there to protect your interests and ensure that the contracts are in place to protect you. In the case where you require a contract written, special legal clauses can be included that are specific to your interests.
    The real estate agent is working for the vendor, so often you need someone like Mary working for you.

  • Conveyancing Specialists
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