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    Welcome to DesignaTile. We are a team of specialist wall and floor tilers servicing Marion and the surrounding suburbs in South Australia. At DesignaTile we have an emphasis on quality workmanship, fast and efficient work, and low prices.

    If you are doing a bathroom renovation, tiling a kitchen floor, or looking to trust your work to a reliable team of wall and floor tilers then use the contact form to get in touch. Our tilers are highly experienced and are more than happy to work with porcelain tiles, ceramic or natural stone.

    We can work with provided tiles that you have purchased and selected, or you can talk to us about the style that you are looking for and we can source and supply them at a great rate thanks to our contacts.

  • Are All Tilers The Same?

    At DesignaTile our tiling contractors pride themselves on the little things that all add up to have an overall impact on your bathroom renovation or floor tiling.

    By working closely with our clients, we pay attention to every detail, like selecting the correct sized tiles to ensure minimal cuts, especially in wet areas where drainage is important. We ensure areas are well screeded for an even surface and good drainage. We even discuss the types of joins you want on corners, whether they be flush against one another, mitred, or capped in an aluminium corner.

    We recommend porcelain and stone tiles are properly sealed, and we do a quality job matching the silicon and grout to our customers' tastes. It's the combination of all these taks that add up to make DesignaTile the very best tilers in Marion and South Australia.

  • Free Quotes in the Marion area

    If you are in need of a quality tiling professional in the Marion area of Adelaide, the use the click to call button to talk to Heath about a free quote. Remember, not all metres are equal and it takes a keen eye like Heath's to assess your unique renovation or construction. By discussing exactly what you are trying to achieve, Heath can offer advice on the best size and style tiles to achieve maximum impact at the best possible price.

    Contact DesignaTile today for a free quote and speak to the local tiling experts.

  • Waterproofing

    Waterproofing your bathroom is an important part of preparation. All Designatile tilers are trained to the South Australian building codes and conform to all the legalities. Protect against water damage and ensure your bathroom renovation is waterproofed properly.

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