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    For all your irrigation needs, visit IW at Gawler. IW have been the trusted name in the industry, with years of experience in catering to all forms of irrigation supplies. Their new store near Gawler comes complete with a showroom, and stock on hand without the need to wait for delivery.

    We are the pump and irrigation specialists, focused on providing irrigation supplies to vineyards. We can help you with water tanks, water pumps, poly rainwater tanks, filters, controllers, valves, swimming pool chemicals, plumbing fittings, fire fighting units, pool pumps, and sprinklers.

    We also supply for houses too – including filtration and pool supplies. We are dedicated to providing a high level of customer service. Our customers in Gawler can expect safety, reliability, experience and environmentally sustainable practices choosing us for their irrigation supplies.

    Gawler is on the cusp of some of Adelaide’s major wineries and vineyards. We provide a professional maintenance service, as well as design and installation of new irrigation systems, pump systems and automation systems. If you’re based in Gawler, talk to our friendly team of irrigation supply experts at Irrigation Works.

  • Irrigation Suppliers Gawler SA

    IW range of irrigation Gawler equipment is second to none. They have all the PVC piping for underground drip systems, above ground and pop up sprinklers, irrigation cables and valves. Whether you are a home handyman or an experienced landscaper, the team at IW can help with all the products that assemble together easily to water your garden or lawn. This truly is a one stop shop where all stock required is on hand.
    They have several types of timers to turn your irrigation systems on and off automatically in stock in the showroom near Gawler. Plus many more sprinkler heads for above ground and subterranean watering.

  • Drip Systems - Garden Drippers

    Drip systems can be installed by almost anyone. All you need is the right tubing for the job, the right connecting pieces, and correct valves. The team at Irrigation Works near Gawler will gladly show you through their selection of irrigation tubing, and talk you through the process of setting up your sub surface drip systems.

  • Sprinkler Systems

    Sprinklers cover a variety of watering. For example you can have pop up sprinkler systems which can be controlled to cover a small specific area. these are usually on a particular run of piping and pop up under the water pressure creating a fine mist that waters your lawn or garden. Then there are the brass sprinklers that cover a much larger distance. These can be used for sporting fields or large yards. With so many makes and models it is worthwhile viewing our range and talking to our expert staff about the best sprinkler heads to use to irrigate your patch of turf.

  • Save money with an irrigation system

    Previously, irrigation in vineyards was thought of as low quality wine. It was considered forcing and acceptable only as an ‘emergency’ measure. In the past few years, research has come out which has shed light on the negative effects on brief periods of water stress on wine quality. Investing in a quality irrigation system is the answer to improving the quality of the wine.

    Drip irrigation is one of the best methods for wineries and vineyards. This strategy meets the requirement to reduce wetting of the foliage, facilitate mechanisation of the vineyard and rationalise the use of increasingly precious water supplies.

    Choosing the specific drippers to be used in the vineyard is a complicated, requiring knowledge of the area’s climatic conditions, the hydrological properties of the soil, the variety of vine, the growing system and techniques used.

    At Irrigation Works, we have over 20 years experience in analysing these variables to come up with the best irrigation structure for you. We can help you choose the dripper, along with hourly flow rate, distance between drip points, irrigation cycle and volume of water to be used.

    Our team of irrigation supply experts in Gawler can add value to your vineyard by creating efficiency – water efficiency, power efficiency, and labour efficiency. Combined, you will be running at maximum efficiency to improve all areas of operation in your vineyard.

    Talk to us about your vineyard or winery irrigation needs, or anything else irrigation related. We specialise in water pumps, poly rainwater tanks, household filtration, pool supplies, and household filtration too.


  • Rural Irrigation Suppliers

    Around Gawler there are some larger rural properties. These require a more industrial approach to irrigation and therefore more heavy duty products. Call in to Irrigation Works near Gawler and view their extensive range of metric and rural pipes, as well as heavy duty PVC pipes and fittings. For rural supplies of a commercial size Newtons have all your needs covered.

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