• Window Cleaning near Glenelg

  • We here at Wiz Window Cleaning specialise in providing quality windows cleaning with safety and customer service at the forefront of our business. We service homes, offices, shops, restaurants, cafes and everything in-between in Glenelg 5045. Our focus on customer service mixed with attention to detail is our top priority. We will engage with you from the initial contact through to the completion of the job, making you feel at ease and confident when we are working in your home or business.

    Contact us today on 0433 145 746 as see how we can help you. 

  • Commercial and Residential Cleaning

    We are fully trained and passionate about what we do, which means we are equipped to tackle of residential or commercial job. Whether you have a single or multi storey home or business, we clean every window extremely thoroughly and safely with a smile on our face. And immaculate windows are just the start. We also make sure your sills are free of marks and smears, we remove cobwebs and dust from all corners, to ensure that your home or business have a sparkling new shine and look that will make your family or customers have a sense of “wow”.  

  • Restaurant and Café Cleaning

    Windows are considered the heart of any café or restaurant. It provides an open and clear atmosphere for your customers, and view to look out from while they enjoy their coffee and food, this is why it is imperative the keep them clean and dirt free. We can clean any size in any café or restaurant, whether that be on the bottom floor or the top, we can handle it. Bring a new sense of charm and newness to your business by having it crystal clear for everyone to enjoy.

    Other Services

    With the growing number of homes and business installing solar panels, it is a top priority to keep them clean and dirt free. This is something that can be very dangerous to try and perform yourself, even resulting in serious injury; this is when you need a professional. We will use the best and safest methods possible to clean and make sure that your solar panels and gleaming like new so you can utilise the ful potential from the sun, saving you big bucks in the long run. 

    If you have fly screen on any of your doors and windows that are starting to look a bit weathered, we can help. We provide the best quality fly screen mesh to replace your old ones. Torn and dirty fly screen can cause many problems, the main one been that they don’t do what they are supposed to, keep fly and bugs out. So if you own a home or business, talk to our cleaning experts today and we will install new, strong, top quality screens to keep those annoying insects out of your lives. 

  • Why Choose Us?

    When it comes to having the clearest most vibrant windows, we are the best in the business. We have well over 20 years experience and have always exceeded our customer’s expectations. We have won major clients including the Adelaide Hospital, which means we know how to do our job, and we know how to do it well. With us you only get the best quality cleaner and customer service, and we never skip on the small details.

    We also offer discounts to pensioners, we know that money can be a bit tight so we want to provide the best price to suit your budgets. We accept all major forms of payments including Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Eftpos. We are also a fully insured business so you can have piece of mind when hiring us.