• Aluminium Doors & Windows in Prospect

  • We strive for excellence in what we do, and our results speak for themselves. In the last 10 years we have become the #1 aluminium doors and windows specialists in the Prospect 5082 area. No matter what style of door or window you have at your residential or commercial property, we can find a solution to either replacing or fixing it in a fast, reliable manner.

    We also cater to retrofitting existing door and window frames, as well as providing large opening solutions if you have any open areas you would like fitted out.

    Call us today on 0415257872 and book your appointment with us, as see the difference that we can make.

  • Windows and door design and installation

    If time has taken its toll on your windows or doors, then we can help you out, we specialise in replacing old, worn out windows and doors with newer, more reliable aluminium ones. Our made to measure doors and windows are individually designed to suit your home or office. We have a wide range of options from replacing your aluminium as well as offering energy efficient double glazing for them,

    We will come to your home or office at any time, measure up the area you want your new doors or windows to fit, design and custom craft a new frame, and install it for you with the upmost quality and precision. 

  • Glass replacement

    Glass is something that we never think to replace unless it broken, but replacing your glass can be extremely efficient in lowering your heating and cooling bills. Wether the glass at your home or business is broken, or you just want a change or material, we will come and custom fit new sheets of regular or double glazed glass to your doors and windows.

    Any shape or size can be changed or replaced, even the more piacular shapes like circles and triangles in older style homes and business’s. We can replace any style from bathroom and toilet windows, to sliding doors and shower screen doors.

    Double glazing is also something that we offer. This is an incredible effective method for reducing your heating and cooling bills without having to spend a fortune. The glass has an extra sheet of glass that not only makes it stronger, but also traps heat inside during winter, and keeps the heat out during summer. 

  • Other services

    We are incredibly passionate about retro fitting. We love older style houses and businesses, which is why we try to help you to preserve them as much as possible. With retro fitting, we can install new glass onto your doors and windows into the current frame, so you can still have that older look, without having to design and install an entirely new frame.

    We can also custom design and install new aluminium frames, but craft it to look more like the older frame that was originally there, this way, it still looks like it used to, but with a more structurally sound and age wearing material unlike wood.

    Have you ever had a certain open area in your house or business that you wish you could fill with something? This is where large opening work comes in. We can custom design you a new window or door section that will be fitted and installed into the open section. This will allow you can have a more finished and complete look while also still providing the open area feel that you’ve become a custom to.

    No large opening is too big or two small. No matter the shape or size, we can custom design and install you a new aluminium door or window to fit the space.  

  • Why choose us?

    We beat the competition at their own game by providing the best quality in materials and overall work. We only source the best aluminium and glass and never compromise on that. Our service is always above and beyond and you can be rest assured that if you choose us, you will be getting the best service and product for your money, guaranteed.