• Wedding Photography in Gawler

  • Wedding Photography Gawler

    Film Noir Wedding Photography will turn your wedding day into extraordinary memories. Our unique cinematic photographic approach will surpass your expectations and deliver stunning, emotive photos to last a lifetime. Our exclusive team of wedding photographers will capture every moment of your special day and make the experience fun, natural and seamless. Discuss your wedding plans with us today for exceptional service and beautiful photos by Film Noir Wedding Photography. 

  • Cinematic Photography

    Cinematic photos are composed beautifully, artfully, and as if they were a frame from a classic film. Film Noir photographers love this style because they can tell your story through photos, just like in a movie. Capturing your natural reactions to each other makes for meaningful photos, so we don’t over pose you during the shoot. We simply set you in a cinematic landscape and let the magic happen.

    Just like in film, we use a range of shots to create a sequence of storytelling. Wide, long and mid shots, shots from multiple perspectives, and utilizing both natural and artificial light, really capture the depth and intensity of your love story. When you see the results, you’ll fall in love with cinematic photography as much as we have.

  • The Film Noir Team

    Knowing and trusting your photographer helps your wedding day run smoothly. The team at Film Noir Wedding Photography, Jerry and Ela, want to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the shoot. Both photographers have developed their love of cinematic composition of images for years, and recently decided to create Film Noir and offer this exclusive style to wedding parties in Gawler. Ela and Jerry will work in tandem at your wedding, ensuring that every moment is captured in clarity and balance.

    Ela Bozek

    Originally from Poland, Ela has travelled extensively, married her husband Sebastian in Los Angeles and now lives in Adelaide with daughter Zoe. She loves the Australian lifestyle of camping and living by the coastline. She especially loves snorkeling at iconic Port Noarlunga beach. Ela is always on the lookout for great shots – and her camera is never too far away.

    Ela is passionate about art. She’s an art teacher, graphic artist, and of course, photographer. She loves making intimate and natural images, using light, wide lenses and digital tools. Ela is excited to be working with Jerry as they share the same artistic style, and often pick the same favourite photos from a shoot – which means working together is a breeze.

    Jerry Zimmer

    Jerry draws inspiration for his cinematic style from classic films such as Citizen Kane and The Godfather. He feels that over staged and posed shoots don’t result in beautiful photos. Instead, he puts the bride and groom in a cinematic setting, and then simply lets them interact organically in it.

    Working with Ela is a rewarding experience for Jerry. They both have an intrinsic passion for film and telling stories through photography. During a shoot, they’re able to cover different perspectives of the setting to produce a balanced sequence of the day. After a shoot, they’ll often choose the same favourite shots and share similar opinions about each photo. 

  • What We Offer

    Film Noir would be thrilled to be part of your special day. Both Ela and Jerry will be at the event, capturing each moment in amazing resolution with Sony Mirrorless cameras. At the moment we are offering an introductory special of 25% off our wedding package. Our 8 hour digital package includes a free engagement shoot and a one hour consultation before your wedding day so you can get a feel of our style.

    Within two weeks we’ll prepare your images and deliver them on a custom UBS stick ready for printing. We select 450 images in total, with 150 images being full creative edits, including black & white images. 

    To secure your wedding date in the beautiful Gawler region, simply contact Film Noir Wedding Photography and let us create amazing memories of your special day.