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    Nearly everything runs on power these days, so if you experience electrical problems, of any kind, you’ll notice it. Don’t wait until something breaks until you check it. An appliance. A smoke alarm. If it runs on electricity, it’s important to keep it working well. Work with a reliable electrical team who can take care of everything for you, so you don’t need to worry about losing power and causing safety issues. Living in Marino (5049, SA)? Call us for free quotes and the best prices on smoke alarms, LED lighting, and energy saving solutions.

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    We have been the electrical powerhousein Adelaide, for many years. Our long-term experience coupled with our skilled staff is what gives us our edge. Our clients know exactly what they’re going to get from our service, which is why we’ve built our entire business on this… word of mouth.We conduct what we like to call ‘smart wiring’. We don’t simply find any solution to your electrical problems, but we find the most effective solutions.We don’t just fix blown fuses or check your wiring. We can also assist you on with your everyday power needs. Things like your lighting fixtures, your smoke detector, and appliances.

    Switch to an electric hot water system

    There’s nothing quite like a hot shower, is there? No matter if it’s hot outside, we still need hot water to shower in. However, our power bills don’t tend to love hot water. The traditional gas water heater takes time to heat up and only heats water in batches. But with an electrical hot water system, you can get hot water quickly without having to wait. This means no waiting around for your partner or kids, while they’re in the shower. They’re in and out in a flash, with an electric system.

    Fault finding

    It’s hard to find the fault in your home. It’s your home, after all. Let us do it for you. An outlet that never works. A bad patch of the house where the electricity doesn’t flow as well. Whatever it is, we’ll look through your wiring and electrical system, to find the cause of the electrical problem. This takes a lot of skill, because at times, fault finding canfeel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Put Fawcett on the fault finding job! 

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