• Kitchen Renovations in Somerton Park

  • Modern & Vintage Kitchens

    Change up the look and feel of your entire home by rejuvenating your kitchen. Don’t settle for anything less than a spectacular area to cook, eat, relax and host guests. With our attention to individual detail, your kitchen will never be the same again. It’ll be the perfect blend between beauty and functionality. We listen to what you need and what would improve your daily life – and turn it into a creatively designed kitchen. We can handle any and all of your renovation needs. Simply call us anytime and get a free, no obligation quote, and if you mention this page, you’ll instantly receive 10% off your cabinetry. For cabinet makers, kitchen renovators and creators, call us on 0416 205 946. We can come to your Somerton Park (5044, SA) home and arrange your free quote.

    About Accolade Joinery

    Ever since we set up shop in 1982, we have helped thousands of clients with their fine cabinetry and woodwork designs. Our goal is to make beautiful and delicate designs easily accessible andaffordable. Our skilled teams are professionally trained and use the latest software to get the job done well. From bench tops, display cases and island cabinets, to storage cabinets and home theatre units, we provide you with a wide variety of options to bring your kitchen to life.

    Remodel your bathroom

    Does your bathroom need updating as well? We’ll help you design beautiful vanities, cupboards and shelves that keep clutter away and maximise the space in your bathroom. The elegant sculpting and accurate measurements are only the tip of the iceberg. The incredible quality and flawless finish make each furniture piece well worth the time and every dime.

    Retail vs. custom-made

    Go to a retail store and pick your furniture from what they’ve got there, or custom make your own? Really, it’s a no-brainer. But in case you’re still trying to decide whether you should go custom when it comes to your woodwork, let’s paint this picture. With a retail store, there is no individuality or uniqueness. Each design is found in repeated thousands of times. And worst of all, it might not even meet your exact specifications. Having it custom-made means you can get exactly what you want. Guide your furniture maker with your needs, taste, size required, and anything else. Visualise what you want, and let us create it.