• Aluminium Doors & Windows in Burnside

  • At Mr Glass & Aluminium, we offer the most affordable and aesthetically beautiful door and windows for both commercial and residential homes and business’s. We are locally owned in and around Burnside 5066 and we are a company that prides it self on our quality workmanship, which is matched with excellent customer service.

    Whether you needs are new aluminium door and window frames, double glazed glass, glass replacement or even retro fitting, we can help you every step of the way to achieve that new or vintage look for all of your doors and windows.

    Call us today on 0415257872 and speak to our professionals to get you on the right track. 

  • Windows and door design and installation

    It happens all too regularly, you move into a new home or office, you’re happy with the overall feel, but there are certain windows and doors that just don’t match your preferred style. This is when having a professional aluminium window and door designer and installer comes in. The benefits of aluminium window and door frames are they can be shaped into any design and finished with a beautiful and reliable coating.

    We can measure, design and install and type of aluminium door and window frame to suit any style of residential home or commercial business, no matter the size. Whether you need specially designed sliding doors, or want more modern rectangular windows, we can provide the absolute best product and service to meet your needs.

  • Glass replacement

    Have you ever been in the situation where you may be moving furniture or throwing a ball and the next thing you hear is a unforgiving breaking sound? It happens; luckily we are here to help.

    We replace any types of glass, big or small, round or square. If you own a home or own a business, replacing glass is a requirement that needs a skilled professional. With us you are getting the absolute best service and quality in our work. We will safely remove the old broken glass from the frame and carefully install the new glass, bringing it back to its former glory.

    We also provide double glazing. What is that? Double glazed windows have a second layer of glass to not only strengthen it but provide its own cooling and heating system. The glass will keep the warmth in during winter and keep the heat out during summer. This will provide a more comfortable setting for your home or office.  

  • Other services

    Many homes and business’s have large openings in their designs, whether that be a opening to the outside or just a blank wall that you want to let a bit of light through. A lot of people believe that it will have to be left that way. We specialise in large opening designs. We can take any large opening, no matter the size, and custom fit a gorgeous window frame or glass door to. This will provide a more open and comfortable environment for your family or workers. 

    Have an old classic styled home or office that needs new window or door frames but you want to keep that classic feel? We can retrofit new frames for windows and doors to suit the style or the residential or commercial building design. Through this process we either keep the existing frame and apply new glass, or we custom design anew frame from aluminium with the exact same aesthetic design as the old frame. 

  • Why choose us?

    Besides our dedication and passion for what we do, Mr Glass & Aluminium is here to help you with the best door and windows designs and installs. Our dedicated experts are here to provide you with the best priced quotes and a service that can’t be beaten. We have over 10 years experience and the best customer service to match.