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    Live in the lakes… Mawson Lakes (5095)? Get in touch with Advantage Finance’s Managing Director, Grant Renshaw. Grant's Australian Credit License number is 384510. We’ve been helping residents in Mawson Lakes get into their first home and build their wealth, through property – for over a decade.

    Mortgage brokers

    When deciding to take out a mortgage, many people often shy away or make wrong decisions because they simply don’t have the right support. Buying a house is a big decision, and you should feel empowered in doing so – not the other way around.

    About Advantage Finance

    At Advantage Finance SA, our goal is to keep more money in your pocket, by pairing you with the right home loan. We’ve been in the finance industry since 2005 and we’ve helped thousands of first-time home buyers, people looking to buy new property, refinancers and investors all across Australia – to make smart decisions with their money. And we’d love to help you too!

    We work with some of Australia’s leading banks including Adelaide Bank, Advantedge, ANZ, Bank SA, Bankwest, Citibank, Commonwealth Bank, GE Money, NAB, ING, St. George, Suncorp Group, and Macquarie Bank.

    Don’t let debt stop you

    Debt shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your dream of owning your own home. You just need to know how to manage it. If you’re thinking of buying a house, it all starts with having a good understanding of what’s involved.

    Let’s take a look at some of the terminology that we use – to help you take control of your financial planning, in preparation for buying a house.

    • Amortisation: This is known as the process of decreasing (paying off) the interest on a loan over a period of time
    • Appreciation: Land and buildings are often known to depreciate (decrease in value) over a period of time. Appreciation is just the opposite- it is when the value of your property increases from its original value
    • Bridging finance: A short term loan taken to finance the purchase of a new property before selling your current one
    • Break cost: this term relates to fixed rate loans and is the instance where the borrower ends their loan contract before the fixed rate period has expired
    • Capital gain: The amount that the price paid for a property exceeds the original purchase price or value
    • Comparison rates: This helps buyers and borrowers identify the real cost of a loan. It includes the interest rates as well as other fees and charges related to the loan
    • Default: Refers to failure to make a payment by a due date
    • Depreciation: The value a property decreases by over a certain period of time, based on the amount paid for it

    Equity: The difference between your debts and the value/worth of your property. Can be either negative, meaning you owe more than your property is worth or positive, meaning your debts are lower than the value of the property.

    If you’ve got a question relating to buying a house, talk to Advantage Finance today.