• Laser Tattoo Removal in Bowden

  • Are you looking to have a tattoo removed, faded, or covered up? Well you’re in good company. McCrindle researchers have found that 27% of Australians who own tattoos have at least one piece they regret. But if you’re part of that 27% there is good news: a new, exciting local business has emerged that can help you claim back your skin with ease and at a reasonable price. Using the best artists, technicians and equipment in the business, our company will either breathe new life into old resigns, or remove them for you, revealing clean, healthy skin underneath. 


    Fading and covering up your tattoos will allow you to take your old piece in a completely new direction. Within just 3-5 treatments, we can fade your tattoo enough to leave just a feint outline to work with. With that outline we can work with you to design you a brand new tattoo that suits you. Our fading and cover up services allow you to keep the elements of the old piece you like, and work around the elements that no longer serve you. Our technicians and artists are experts in the field, and will be able to come up with something inspired, tailored just for you. 


    After 20 years in the making, the RevLite SI has emerged as the best, safest and most effective laser tattoo removal utility on the market, capable of removing even the most stubborn colors from your tattoo in mere minutes. The RevLite SI works by sending light energy just below the site of the tattoo which dissipates ink deposits so they can be broken down by the body and dissolved in the body’s natural processes. The RevLite SI’s ability to target multiple wavelengths allows it to break down colors which other laser removal options struggle with, such as fluorescent yellows and greens. Judged as safe for all people and skin types in over 50 peer reviewed papers, the RevLite SI is the gold standard in tattoo removal. The RevLite SI can remove entire tattoos in between 5-15, 60 second sessions. We advise that there be at least six weeks between sessions to ensure to best possible results.