• Scuba Dive School Yorke Peninsula

  • Go diving in one of South Australia’s most pristine regions, the Yorke Peninsula. Divers, snorkellers, surfers and swimmers flock to this region. Located about 100km from Adelaide, you can explore over 700km of coastline, including wrecks, jetties, and reefs. Some of our favourite sites include Althorpe Island, Ardrossan jetty and barge wreck, Chinaman’s Hat Island, and Haystack Island Reef. Whether you’re an experienced diver looking for a group charter or you’re wanting to learn, come to the Dive Shack. We also have a large online shop, so you can buy all of your gear. Visit our PADI Training Facility at 46 Richmond Road Keswick. We’re open Monday to Thursday 10.00-6.30pm, Friday 10.00-7.30pm, Saturday 8.30-5.00pm, and Sunday 12.30-5.00pm. Call us now on 8371 5822 to arrange your next trip to the Yorke Peninsula. 

  • Always wanted to dive?

    We run all types of diving courses including scuba diving, open water, freediving, advanced, specialty, and professional. Take the plunge with us. We’ve been around for over seven years and we have 14 highly experienced trainers on board. Become a diver with our help. We have a custom built 7.3-metre Gemini Rigid Hull inflatable boat, an offsite heated training pool, and spa to relax in with your instructors after your days training, state-of-the-art rental equipment and a showroom close to the city. Talk to us about our diving options today. 

  • SA’s only freediving instructors

    Begin your freediving course at level 1. Here you’ll learn how to breathe and familiarise yourself with diaphragm breathing. Start at 20 metres in a relaxed and safe environment. This is all about training your body to hold your breathe, improved respiration and muscle flexibility. Then, you’ll move up to level 2, where it’s onto equalisation. You can progress up to level 3 at your own pace until you’re a certified freediver. 

  • Buy your give gear

    Let the adventure begin today and grab all your gear from us. Browse diving gear, snorkelling gear, freediving and spearfishing gear, swim gear, tech diving gear, and triathlon gear. 

  • Local Dive Chaters

    See our calendar for our upcoming dive charters. We take to the seas in our Nauti-Nomad to explore some of our great diving sites. Join a group of 10 on a fun and safe adventure. 

  • Travel Australia & the world – dive all over.

    Once you’re ready to dive in other places interstate and internationally, let’s go on an adventure. We organise dive travel trips in the most exotic locations on our beautiful planet. Let the sea set you free…

    Start exploring the Yorke Peninsula’s beauty today. Call us on 8371 5822.