• Life Insurance in Unley

  • Infinit Wealth

    For help in choosing the right life insurance in Unley, Infinit Wealth offer expertise and understanding. Someone who will listen before they begin, and with a friendly ‘no obligation’ manner. Mandy Lam and her team of financial advisors are committed to their clients in Adelaide, and to helping South Australians choose the right life insurance policies for their unique situations. No one person is exactly alike any other person, we are all individuals with individual requirements. When it comes to life insurance, this is particularly true. Understanding the myriad of terms and conditions in any one policy can be onerous, and the right advice can pay dividends when it really matters.

    Preparing for Every Eventuality

    The decision to take out life insurance is predicated on the desire to look after others. The policy holder wishes to take care of his or her loved ones and family, even, in the advent of their demise. Death benefit cover is the ultimate preparation for every eventuality, you are supporting your family into the future. Infinit Wealth can help you select the most appropriate cover for your situation. Talk to a consultant today and your family will reap the benefit when they most need it.

    Personal Insurance in Unley

    There are a number of personal insurance options to consider when taking out a policy. Income protection via salary continuance insurance is often a godsend for those who find themselves unable to work. Injury or illness can occur and loss of income can result, income protection insurance can be the saving grace for you, and your family, in Unley and surrounding suburbs. Peace of mind beckons when you have every eventuality covered to the best of your ability.

    Life Insurance, and trauma and critical illness insurance, can both provide a lifeline to your loved ones when it most matters. A lump sum payment can make all the difference to the ongoing wellbeing of your family. In the instance of being diagnosed with a critical illness or having to undergo a serious medical procedure, which have been listed on your policy, your dependents can rest assured. Whether it be a form of cancer, heart attack or stroke, these challenging times can be made more bearable for your loved ones.

    Financial Freedom

    Infinit Wealth can advise you on all the important financial matters on your radar. Changes to superannuation, retirement planning, investment planning, debt consolidation, refinancing, home loans, wealth creation, general insurance and motor vehicle finance. Where money matters they can be there for you. Talk to someone who cares.