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    There’s can be a bad feeling when it comes to home loans. People instantly think debt. But that’s really not the case. Finance for your new home or investment is actually a tool for creating wealth. A good home loan will cater to you and your unique needs. Banks understand that each person and family is different, and for that reason, each loan and contract is different as well. You can customise the repayments, the amount you pay, how often you pay it, and even choose the type of interest on the loan. All this is based on factors such as your income, savings, previous debts, and the amount borrowed. At Advantage Finance, we help people in Happy Valley (5159) score the perfect loan. Call our Managing Director Grant Renshaw. Grant's Australian Credit License number is 384510.

    Mortgage Brokers

    Part of customising your loan properly is having a professional to handle the negotiations and transactions for you. That’s exactly what a mortgage broker does. We represent you and your needs to potential banks, and hunt the perfect deal for you. Hiring a mortgage broker might not be a requirement, but there are certainly many advantages to having a broker… advantages that may get you over the line on your loan of choice.

    About Advantage Finance

    We’re Advantage Finance and we’ve helped thousands of people in Adelaide. We don’t only assist our clients with loan applications and brokering, we also products that a traditional finance company – with ease and convenience. We cater to both personal and business finances, with a focus on home loans. Our team works with a range of companies too, such asRP Data and Direct Connect.

    It’s house makeover time!

    Now that you’ve bought your new home, you might want to look into remodelling and renovating before you finally settle in. Refurbishing your kitchen, changing the cabinets, fridge or even just the stove can change the overall look and ambience of your house. You might just want an updated style or design to change the ambience of the house. If you prefer modern and sleek designs you can accomplish this with chrome, glass and steel. For a laidback and relaxing feel, you can add browns, soft tones and comfortable pieces of furniture like a couch instead of an ottoman or chaise lounge. The way you decorate says a lot about you and is a great way to showcase your personal style and taste. Your home will certainly be comfortable because it’s made just for you, by you.