• Air Conditioning in Roseworthy

  • We support homeowners, renters, and businesses with air conditioning installations, repairs and maintenance. It’s this full-service that sets our company apart. In our 16 years of service, we’ve worked on all types of air conditioning systems. Our brands of choice are Rinnai, Brivis, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Braemar, and Carrier. If you favour a particular make or model, let us know. We have experience working on evaporative cooling, high wall split systems, ducted vent systems, hot water systems, refrigeration units, second-hand appliances, roof repairs and on-site inspections.

  • Install an energy-efficient model

    Have you noticed an increase in your electricity bill? Heating and cooling account for nearly half of your power consumption. We can advise you on the best energy-efficient models to help you save money and do your part for the environment. Investing in regular maintenance is also an effective way to ensure the system isn’t working harder than it needs to. Talk to us about creating a service plan where we visit your property every few months, particularly before summer and winter.

    Whether you just need us to check your air conditioner for you or install an entirely new system, we can help. No job is too big or small for us. We’ll visit your home to assess any space limitations and installation logistics, then go through your needs. Together, we’ll design a heating and cooling system to match your lifestyle and budget. 

  • What temperature should I set the air conditioner to?

    It’s a good idea to keep the temperature as consistent as possible. In winter, we recommend 22 degrees, while in summer a slight increase, to 24 degrees. Remember, every degree that you increase in winter or decrease in summer changes the consumption of energy. In most cases, this can be up to 10%. If you can’t seem to reach a comfortable temperature without getting a high power bill, organise one of our professionals to check your system.

    For more advice regarding heating and cooling in your home, give us a call. We go one step further for our clients by offering advice in between visits.

    Organise your free quote today. We’ll travel to your Roseworthy SA 5371 home.