• Property Management in Marion

  • Managing Your Properties

    If you are seeking a manager for your Marion residence, remember the name Adelaide South Property. Professional and highly experienced, they have a portfolio of properties in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, which they manage on behalf of their owners. For great returns on your investment and the peace of mind of professional management, they are number one in their space. They will take care of your asset as if it was their own. Their expertise in the business ensures that you will get a great tenant for your land. Successful rentals are based on good relationships between all parties. Adelaide South Property will show you how to attract the right kind of tenant and then screen them comprehensively on your behalf. A good tenant can provide you with sustained returns on your investment for many years in some cases. Talk to their managers today about what they can offer.

  • Rental Income

    Consistent rental income returns on your Marion investment come with the benefits of professional property management. It all begins with the appropriate presentation of your residence to prospective tenants. ‘A good home will attract good people,’ Adelaide South Property have built their successful business on the back of this maxim. Get it right at the start and the returns flow from that point on. Good tenants pay their rent on time and maintain your property at the highest standard. Your manager will guarantee this through stringent inspections throughout the year. The monitoring of your asset will be carried out four times annually and it will be a thorough inspection each time.

  • Landlords & Tenants

    Landlords and tenants do not always enjoy the best of relationships, which is why professional help can be essential. Setting the standards is all part of the our system of success, when putting tenants and properties together. Clear ground rules leave no party uncertain as to their responsibilities within this, often, fruitful, but sometimes fraught, relationship. Tenants pay their rent on time or it is a breach of their lease and can be terminated. Landlords repair and maintain the property where it is appropriate and in a timely manner. Tenants maintain the property to a high standard at all times, as agreed to in the lease. Put your Marion home in good hands and take the hassle out of being a landlord with professional management. Excellent returns on your investment and peace of mind regarding your property await you with our team.