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  • Electrician Christies Beach

    Specialising in domestic electrical services, PPH Electrical makes calling an electrician affordable for residents in Christies Beach. Alongside all of the services you’d expect of a professional, talk to us about customised services – including AV installations, home automation, and telephone and data communications.

  • Electrician Professoinal

    At PPH Electrical, safety comes first. We work on new and old homes, units, townhouses, apartments, and new property developments – to ensure all of your electrical requirements are maintained and safely implemented.

    Do you need more space at home and you’re thinking about a home extension? Tyson can help you plan all of your new electrics, so you’re making the most of your new area. We’ll discuss your requirements and talk through a range of options with you.

    And if you’re not extending, that’s ok too. We’ll look at your current set up and see how it can be improved. This could be as simple as where to put your new entertainment system, or what light bulbs to change to.

  • What Services do PPH Electrical Provide?

    Tradesman  can perform a range of services. There are your everyday power needs, and repairs and maintenance – but some electricians choose to specialise in one or more of the following:

    • Alarm installation: some will specialise in home alarms
    • Emergencies: not all offer emergency call-outs, and for others, it’s one of their points of difference
    • Electrical data cabling: most homes now feature smart technology and pros are needed to integrate it
    • Home automation: home automation is another specialisation, where professoinals help install automated security and lighting
    • Home entertainment: you’ve seen how big televisions are now – an electrical contractor  with technical knowledge is needed to install new products
    • Lighting: can help you create the right mood and make sure your whole house has enough light
    • New home builds: some niche in the new home market – taking care of all cabling, powerpoints and lighting
    • Renovations: no matter the size of your renovation, you’ll need a tradesman to install things like new lighting and powerpoints
    • Solar power: an electrician can help you install all the necessary elements of a solar system
    • Re-wiring: after some time, your home wiring needs to be replaced. Adelaide has a lot of old homes, especially in Christies Beach. Professionals will update the wiring to make sure homes are safe and meet the latest safety standards.
  • How to Get in Touch

    If you’re looking for an electrician for your Christie’s Beach home, call Tyson on 0411 899 036 or email him with your question on the contact form provided.

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