• Landscapers Prospect

    Welcome to Tim's Total Turf Care, a landscaper servicing Prospect SA and surrounding suburbs. I have owned and operated my landscaping business for over 7 years. I pride myself on 100% customer satisfaction and top quality work. With over two decades of work as a green keeper on some of Adelaide's finest Golf Courses, I have gained a tremendous amount of experience which can be applied to any household garden or new development.

  • Tim's Total Turf Care

    Tim's Total Turf Care is a landscaping business that specialises in the installation and maintenance of all types of lawns. When you ring up, you'll speak with me, Tim, the owner of the business. So give me a call and we can discuss your landscaping needs.

    I am a specialist in:
    Synthetic Lawn
    All types of lawn installation
    Professional Landscaping
    Top Dressing

  • Turf and Lawn

    This is my specialty. As a green keeper on some of Adelaide's best private Golf Courses for over 20 years, my job requirement was to keep a variety of grasses in immaculate condition through all seasons. This starts with a good foundation of base preparation, irrigation, soil and fertilizing. Followed up by regular maintenance such as the tasks mentioned above.
    Good landscape maintenance will keep your grass happy and healthy no matter what season it is or what variety you've chosen. Contact me about how I can get your lawn greener and healthier.

  • Irrigation

    There are many types of irrigation you can select, but it mainly comes down to what is best for your budget, and best for your garden. In my experience landscaping, I've laid hundreds of irrigation networks, of all styles and sizes. Contact me for a one on one personalized approach to landscaping and garden care, and I can offer you advice on which systems will work best for your plants.

  • Artificial Turf

    One area that is growing is artificial lawn. It is absolutely critical you get the base preparation right if you want an even smooth finish that will last. I have access to several varieties of artificial turf, many look as good as the real thing. They are low maintenance, don't require watering, and always stay green. For some honest advice about how to use the artificial alternative, contact me on the number provided.