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    Ready to jump into the property investment world? Looking for customised advice, from a local professional mortgage broker? Currently living in Lonsdale (5160)? Call Advantage Finance. Grant Renshaw is your man. Grant's Australian Credit License number is 384510. You can lend up to 95% of your new house, so let’s get this process started today.

    Mortgage broker

    Forget about going on this journey alone. A mortgage broker can guide you through the entire process – and act as your voice, talking to banks for you to find you the very best loan… customised for you. Even if you’re currently in a bit of a sticky situation – such as you’re battling a lot of debt. We’ll help you roll all of your other repayments into the one home loan, so you can save. This means you’ll be able to reduce the amount you pay on personal loans each month, because home loan interest rates are typically lower. In some cases, we’ve cut our clients repayments nearly by two thirds, of what they were paying.

    About Advantage Finance

    We’ve been in the financing business for over a decade. We work with over 30 lenders, which are the best in the bank business. Companies like: 

    • Adelaide Bank
    • Advantedge
    • ANZ
    • Bank SA
    • Bankwest
    • Citibank
    • Commonwealth Bank
    • GE Money
    • ING
    • La Trobe Financial
    • Liberty Financial
    • NAB
    • Suncorp Group
    • Macquarie Bank.

    If you’d like us to look into the products and features of a specific bank, do let us know and we’ll be happy to.

    But don’t think home loans are the only thing that we do. We help our clients with accounting solutions, property investment solutions, insurance and financial planning, mobile wills services, and conveyancing. When making a financial commitment, to anything, it’s important that you understand it really is a commitment. Our insurance is offered by our authorised Australian Financial Planning License holder, so rest assured that you’re in good hands.

    Why should you invest in real estate

    Putting your money into real estate has always been a smart idea. Investing in house, whether you live in it or not, is great for gaining leverage, growing (tax-free), creating tax-free cash flow, the tax write-offs against your other income, increased tax deduction strategies, and growing your retirement. Most of us won’t win the lottery or get rich overnight, even though we can always dream. It takes long-term investing and a diverse portfolio to find true financial freedom.