• Laser Tattoo Removal in Brighton

  • Ready to start a round of laser tattoo removal? Come and see our experts. Using the latest in laser removal equipment, the RevLite SI Q-Switch Nd-YAG, we can fade or completely remove tattoos on your body. We’ve been doing this for many years, and we also have artists on in our team.

  • Laser removal treatments

    Think of us as your tattoo removal artists. We take a results-over-profit approach, which lets us work collaboratively on unwanted tattoos, from fading for cover-ups to complete removals. We understand skin what it takes for tattoos to be enhanced or erased. Our treatments take anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds. Every person is different, depending on the scale and density of their tattoo. All in all, it’s quick and we offer cream to help if you’re uncomfortable. We suggest 5-15 treatments to fade or completely remove the tattoo. If you’re covering it up with something new, 3-5 treatments should be sufficient. Use six weeks as a good rule of thumb to laser remove your tattoo. 

  • Fade your tattoo

    If you’re just looking to fade your tattoo and cover it up a bit better, we can help you. We can chat about the number of sessions needed to achieve this. It will most likely be less than the six-week treatment plan we normally recommend. With our RevLite laser, you’ll get the most advanced technology to safely lighten your tattoo. If you’d like to learn more about how fading works or if you’re worried about safety, talk to us. Our work speaks for itself, in our online portfolio. You can see the difference between the first and last visit. 

  • Tattoo artist

    Our removal artists have also designed hundreds of tattoos. If you have a look in mind of you’d like to work with us on creating something new, our tattooists can help. Get a quote on your new tattoo today.