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    Need an electrician for your home or business? There’s no other team quite like us. Your electrician, us, will make sure your house is safe – so your family is safe. Live in St Marys (5042, SA)? Call us for free quotes, advice and the best electrical installations, repairs and maintenance.

    Free quote

    Our goal is to give you the very best in electrical solutions. We get to your house or business when we say we will… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our licensed team of electricians are always ready to help you, especially in the case of an emergency. You can rely on us. Our business is based on word of mouth, continuously offering the best in electrical engineering.

    Light up your home!

    The problem some people have with flick-on, flick-off lights is that there’s no control on the intensity of the light. It’s understandable that you’d want a dimlight during the day and a bright light at night… when you need it. With regular light switches, you can’t do much other than replace the bulb. But with the help of us, this doesn’t have to be the case. You’ll love lighting up spaces in your home that you’ve always felt was too dark. Now you can match the brightness of your indoor lighting to compliment the natural sunlight. With a dimmer, youchoose the level of brightness. Let there be light!

    Additional power outlets

    Outlets can be found all over a house. In your kitchen, your bathroom, your office… but sometimes, they’re just not exactly where you need them. With our power outlet service, we can quickly install additional outlets – in the place you need it the most. It could be on your side of the bed. Or maybe outside in your entertaining area, if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Our team will make sure you’ve got enough outlets so you never have to worry about extension chords, ever again.

    We can also help you with the following things around your home:

    • Minor electrical repairs
    • Additional lighting
    • Additional data points
    • Fault finding
    • Smoke detectors and exit lighting
    • Security system and CCTV camera installation
    • Lighting automation
    • Access control
    • Telephone and internet
    • 24-hour emergency breakdown
    • Equipment test and tag
    • Commercial air-conditioning
    • Property maintenance.

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