• Welcome to Cockatoo Roofing in Brighton

    Welcome to Cockatoo Roofing, Brighton's premier roof restoration service for both colorbond and tiled roofs. Make your home look brand new, add value and enhance street appeal.

    Gordon has dozens of amazing testimonials showing why he is the best quality operator, combined with his lowest price guarantee. Gordon of Cockatoo Roofing will beat any written roof restoration quote.

  • Lowest Roof Restoration Prices

    See Gordon First, or see him last! It doesn't matter when you see him, just make sure you do contact him for the opportunity to explain the best roofing techniques to suit your property.
    Gordon's quotes are more than just competitive, they are the best in the business. As you will see by his many testimonials the quality is second to none also.

  • SA Family Owned and Operated

    Support a local business and get the personal touch that can only be offered by a small business. For someone who takes complete pride in their work and genuinely cares about doing a great job, Cockatoo Roof Restorations are on the job in Brighton and throughout Adelaide!

  • We Beat Any Written Quote

    Before you go ahead with any roofer you should get a written quote, then check references. Gordon of Cockatoo Roofing will beat any written quote without compromising on quality, service or warranties. Everyone is price conscious these days, and with Gordon able to keep his overheads and advertising down he can pass on huge savings and the lowest prices to you.

  • Rave Reviews

    Click down the bottom to view our rave reviews from our roofing customers here in Brighton and right throughout South Australia. Our service is important, that's why we use the best methods and the best materials. NO SHORTCUTS EVER. This is why our customers keep recommending cockatoo roofing.

  • Services Provided

    Cockatoo Roofing provide the following services:
    • full roof restorations
    • 36 Roof colours
    • Colorbond Iron Roof
    • High pressure cleaning
    • Ridge capping and repointing
    • roof tile replacement
    • gutter cleaning
    • heat proof paint
    • roof maintenance and leak fixing
    • commercial work
    • lowest prices
    • beat any written quote

  • Huge Warranties

    In addition to being licensed and insured, you are covered by $20,000,000 in Public Liability Insurance*. The new colorbond roofs have warranties as well. 30 Year Warranty on all new colorbond roofs. Galvanised roofs have a 20 year warranty and all Dulux Paints include a 10 year warranty.

  • Licensed & Insured

    The roof is one aspect of your home where you don't want to take shortcuts. Hire a licensed and insured business like Cockatoo Roofing Brighton so that you don't void your warranties. Valid ABN: 86 454 608 and Builders License Number: 258264.

    3.7(based on 3 reviews)
    • yes come along pay me money i wont turn up gordon wilson 06/17/2017
    • Don’t touch this Cockatoo roof restorations with a barge pole! DO NOT pay money up front!!!!! So much damage , very poor quality work. Unreliable and not trustworthy at all Shafted 03/19/2018
    • My home is currently leaking with Gordon's poor workmanship and no attention to detail. He will say that he will turn up and finish the job, but weeks or even months later, no progress has been made. Please please please do not give this guy your money at all. He charges a lot less than others because he has no trade skills at all and doesn't do jack sh*t. He pretends to meet Aussie standards yet after having a building inspector have a look at the work he did to my home, he was absolutely disgusted. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this guy. He will just steal your money and leave you broke with a damaged home. The reviews above are also testament to this guy's cunning ability to cheat you out of your money. Broke and damaged 05/30/2018
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