• Roof Tiling Adelaide

    Find a local Adelaide Roof Tiler: Tiling a roof is an expert job that should only be trusted to professionals with a high degree of experience. Creating a finished look requires a lot of base preparation, foresight and planning.

    The roof trusses must be even and smooth, the sarking must be nailed at the required tension, and measurements must allow for minor expansion and enough overlap to keep out the elements.

    In the case of restoring a tiled roof and matching replacement tiles, the roofing contractor must have more than just skills in their workmanship. They need to have local Adelaide contacts and a wide network to source matching tiles, often from bygone eras and demolished homes.

    The complete roof tiling contractor will be an expert in all the above facets, and deliver your project on time and on budget.

  • Concrete Roof Tiles Adelaide

    Concrete roof tiles are starting to overtake terra cotta in new homes and many re tiling jobs in Adelaide.
    Some of the advantages are that they are extremely strong and durable. Because of their strength they can be manufactured to a similar thickness, or slightly thinner than clay tiles. In the 1992 Sydney hail storms, many terra cotta roofs were destroyed where concrete tiled homes remained. Our contractors can provide examples of both for you to compare.
    Concrete roofing tiles come in a wide range of colour which can be put into the concrete upon manufacturing. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. On one hand you have a variety of colours to choose from to suit personal tastes and the real estate market. On the other, this colour can fade over time due to exposure to the sun. Another disadvantage is that concrete roof tiles will need sealant added to them as they are not completely impervious.

  • Terra Cotta Roof Tilers

    Many original homes in Adelaide, particularly towards the city and eastern suburbs will have terra cotta or clay roof tiling. Whilst there are strengths and weaknesses, most of it comes down to personal preference. If you are looking to recreate something in keeping with the original home, or the streetscape, then this will influence your decision.

    Terra Cotta Tiles are colourfast, usually come sealed (as they are porous to begin with), they are great for insulation, great for acoustics, low maintenance and fire resistant.

  • Signs of a Quality Roof Tiler

    Not all roof tilers are created equally, and in Adelaide you need to know who to trust. Here are some questions you can ask, and things you should look out for when choosing a quality roofing contractor.
    When assessing previous work, ensure that there has been even tile spacing and the correct overlap of the roof tiles. This is essential for appearance and protection from the elements, especially leaks.
    Often the overhang of each tile is around 40mm as a minimum, but if you have a shallow roof, or one facing the elements, and experienced roof tiler will increase this up to as much as 100mm. This is because water can pool more, or stands more of a chance getting through the tiles. Common sense dictates these areas should be reinforced by increasing the overlap.
    The roof trusses and rafters must be smooth and even. Some contractors might even give old trusses a light sand before attaching the under sarking.
    The under sarking (Roofing membrane) should be stretched firmly, but not tight. This is so that there are slight dips in the under sarking in case some water does make it through the roof tiles. This allows the water to correctly drain down keeping your house dry.

  • Roof Tiling Prices Adelaide

    When comparing quotes the biggest mistake you can make is to go for the cheapest, or the most expensive.
    Low cost is no guarantee of an honest operator, and high cost is no guarantee of workmanship. Instead you should ask a few questions to ensure that you are getting value for money and someone that will get the job done right.
    Some key questions to ask are the blatant one, like why are you the most expensive, or how can you do it for such a low price. You want to be careful the lower cost operator isn't cutting costs.
    Compare Apples with apples: Ask what tiles they are using, and get your contractors to quote the job based on the same tile, then you are in a strong position to question them on any price discrepancies.
    Ask what the overlap on the roof tiles will be and why. Ask what type of sarking they use, and ask how experienced are the contractors. Is the price fixed? Do they guarantee their work? What is the time frame to complete the job and the lead time to start?
    There is no perfect formula, and there will always be some players out there looking for a dishonest price advantage, but by asking some of the right questions, and keeping an eye on them, you are ahead of the game.

  • Recycled Roof Tilers Adelaide

    Most Adelaide roof tilers will have a great network of salvage yards and demolition contractors. This will allow them to accurately match any broken or damaged clay roof tiles.
    Matching tiles is an art form in itself, and a vital part of the roof restoration process. It's estimated that most homes have an average of 5% damaged, chipped or broken tiles. These mostly go unnoticed until problems such as water leakage or a restoration bring them to our attention. By then most quality roofing contractors are loathed to reuse anything that is not in good condition. Hence why the recycled option is a good one.
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