• Bathroom Renovations in Holden Hill

  • Bathroom Renovations

    Fawcett Plumbing and Gas in Holden Hill SA, have more than 35 years of experience in bathroom renovations. As licensed plumbers, they are very well suited to oversee the entire project and ensure it not only flows smoothly, but that the plumbing works properly upon completion.

    Fawcett will help with bathroom design, layout and work with your colour and tiling selections. They make remodeling your bathroom easy because they employ and coordinate all the tradesmen.

    Bathroom Renovations Done the Right Way

    Fawcett Plumbing and Gas is the best choice for all of your bathroom remodeling needs. They  will oversee the entire project to ensure that it is done right the first time. Fawcett Plumbing and Gas acts as the overseer of your bathroom rejuvenation project. What this means for you is that you will not need to deal with any middlemen, such as electricians, carpenters or tiling experts. Fawcett will be your point of contact and will oversee your entire project.  This makes the process smoother, hassle free, and leaves one company accountable for your work.

    Fawcett Plumbing and Gas  takes the guesswork out of a remodeling project. They use only the best tradesmen in the business. One of the benefits to hiring Fawcett Plumbing and Gas is the ability to pay only one company. They will give you a detailed statement that shows the charges from each individual tradesman so you will know where every cent of your money goes.

    During most bathroom remodels, there will be a variety of tradesmen involved. Oftentimes, these tradesmen will play the “blame game.” If something is not done correctly, these tradesmen will begin arguing over whose fault it is and blame other contractors. With Fawcett Plumbing, you will not experience any of this. Fawcett Plumbing and Gas will oversee the entire project to ensure that every tradesman does the job correctly the first time.

    Fawcett Plumbing and Gas Hires Only the Best Tradesmen in the Business

    Because the company hires only the best tradesmen in the business, they can handle all of your needs, including minor renovations and major overhauls. They have the ability to completely gut your bathroom, move walls, plumbing fixtures, and electrical connections. Do you want to increase the size of your bathroom or rearrange the location of your plumbing fixtures? No problem! Fawcett's team of experts has the knowledge and skill necessary to make all of your bathroom dreams come true.

    Homeowners in Holden Hill know how important it is to have a company that is vested in the community. Fawcett Plumbing and Gas employees are a part of the community and are your neighbours. Because they are so involved with the community, you can rest assured they will be there when you need them. If you are considering a bathroom renovation, give them a call today. Come and experience the difference of Fawcett Plumbing and Gas.