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  • Building Inspections in Victor Harbor

  • A building inspection for a property in Victor Harbor, SA 5211, could save you a lot of money. A2Z Building Inspections provide comprehensive, same day reports into all physical aspects of a building or property. They have more than 20 years in the trade and the latest training from the Master Builders Association. The report will be accompanied by detailed photographic evidence. Inspectors take the time to discuss, onsite, the contents of the report with the client and offer professional advice at no extra charge.  A2Z Building Inspections provide a seven day a week service from 8am to 8pm. A building inspection costs very little in comparison with what it can save clients from in future repair bills, often in their thousands of dollars. A2Z Building Inspections are a proud South Australian owned family business. Call 0401 953 057 for an appointment or please fill out the Direct Contact Form. 

  • Pre Purchase Inspections

    Buying a home or property is, for the majority of South Australians, the largest investment they will ever make. Not having the building inspected is like going in blind and hoping that things will turn out alright. We have all heard the horror stories about new homes with serious structural problems and their new owners losing their shirts. A2Z Building Inspections can give you that peace of mind based on their comprehensive report. Making an informed choice about a purchase is an integral part of making a sound investment.

  • All Types of Building Inspections

    A2Z Building Inspections provide Pre Purchase and Property inspections, New Build Final inspections, Pre Auction inspections, Pre Sale inspection, Rental Property inspections, and Pre and Post Lease inspections in Victor Harbor. Enjoy a real level of confidence in your investment property decisions by commissioning a detailed report into the home or building you are considering purchasing. Discover whether the house or building is suffering from cracking, swelling, sagging, drummy render, corrosion, distortion, leaks, rising damp, moisture damage, and defective linings - just some of the common problems detected.

  • Pre Auction Inspections

    Auctions have become popular in recent times; and the thrill of the chase can sometimes lead buyers astray. A2Z Building Inspections can inspect the auction property prior to the auction, so that you can make an informed choice when bidding on your future home.

    Pre Sale Inspections

    A2Z Building Inspections can put you, the vendor, in the driver’s seat, with a comprehensive report to make sure that you know about problems before your potential buyers do. Get things fixed and avoid lost sales; and the report becomes a valuable selling aid.