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  • Building Inspections in Hallett Cove

  • Needing a building inspection for a Hallett Cove home or property? A2Z Building Inspections have more than 20 years’ experience in the trade and are trained by the Master Builders Association. They offer a same day comprehensive report into the physical condition of the nominated house or property. This report is accompanied by photographic evidence, so that you can see the issues clearly. A2Z Building Inspections include an onsite detailed consultation with the client and professional advice at no extra charge. They do Pre Purchase Home and Property Inspections; New Build Final Inspections; Pre Sale Inspections; Pre Auction Inspections; Rental Property Inspections; and Pre and Post Lease Inspections. This proud South Australian, family owned business provides a seven day a week service. For an appointment please call 0401 953 057, or just fill out the Direct Contact Form.

  • Pre Purchase Inspections

    When approaching the largest investment that you will most probably make in your life – buying a home – don’t assume that everything will be alright. Check everything out before you sign that contract. A2Z Building Inspections will comprehensively inspect the physical condition of your future home or property. Avoid those nasty surprises that can cost you thousands. An inspection will cost you barely a fraction of the price of your house, but it may just save you very much more.

  • Property Inspections

    A2Z Building Inspections can provide you with evidence about possible cracking, swelling, leaks, decay, rising damp, distortion, sagging, bulging, corrosion, surface drainage, stability, undulating surfaces, brick fretting, mortar eroding and defective linings – which they regularly detect in homes in Adelaide. Detecting structural issues that may have been cosmetically covered up – can save you thousands on repairs down the track. A2Z Building Inspections provide peace of mind for very little – a small expenditure to vouchsafe a massive investment.

    Pre Sale Inspections

    As the vendor, you can benefit from a Pre Sale building inspection to rectify those things before you put your property on the market in Hallett Cove – it will save you time and money. Your A2Z Building Inspection report will aid the sale of your house. 

  • Rental Property Inspections

    Staying up to date with the state of your rental property will save you money on maintaining the property in the long run. Rental Property Inspections can, also, facilitate better landlord/tenant relationships and define expected standards of upkeep by the tenant.

    Pre Auction Inspections

    A2Z Building Inspections can inspect the home or property prior to the auction – so that you can bid in confidence, knowing what you are going to get. Informed choices are always the best choices.