• Tiling Croydon

    Meet the team at DESIGNATILE, expert tilers in Croydon, SA 5008. Whether you're tiling a wall, a floor or need an expert tiler for a full bathroom renovation, DESIGNATILE are the local team for the job.
    Choosing the right tiler involves a number of elements. First of all, being a Croydon local helps. Second of all, you should ask yourself, do they subcontract work out, or do it themselves? At DESIGNATILE all work is done by their carefully selected and trained team. In this way they can control the quality, rather than trust it to someone else. It also means the tilers coming to do your job all have years of experience and are trained on the latest building codes relevant to bathroom renovations.

  • Bathroom Renovations Croydon

    Bathroom renovating is more than just tiling. When working with wet areas it is important to get the drainage and waterproofing right. DESIGNATILE specialise in bathroom renovations of all shapes and sizes. If you're on a budget they can work with you, or if you're looking to add value to your home by building a dream bathroom, then your work is in expert hands.

  • Free Quotes

    DESIGNATILE aim to be the most competitive when it comes to price. If you would like a free quote, contact them using the form, or call Heath the manager directly. With hundreds of bathrooms renovated and floors tiled, Heath can assist all Croydon locals with your quote and perhaps offer ideas.

  • Waterproofing

    When bathroom renovations fail, years down the track, it is more often than not because the tiler did not adequately waterproof. Waterproofing is an important specialised field in which all the tilers at DESIGNATILE are well trained in. They are all up to date on the regulations and building codes in South Australia surrounding waterproofing. This will give you peace of mind that their work will be around for you to enjoy many years after completion.
    To get in touch and get a free quote, use the contact form with a brief job description, or contact Heath directly for a free quote in the Croydon local area.

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