• Kitchen Renovations in Flagstaff Hill

  • If you’ve hoisted your flag at Flagstaff Hill and you’re looking for the best people to upgrade your entire kitchen you need look no further - we have you covered. We specialize in making and installing wall and base cabinets, sinks, bench tops, basins, vanities and built in furniture at excellent prices because all of our materials are sourced straight from the factories that make them. We can design kitchens made specifically to your needs or we can install pieces bought from elsewhere. Don’t let your kitchen become an eyesore that lowers the value of your property and sends guests running for the door. Call us for a FREE quote on all of our services. 


    Built-In furniture comes with a lot of great benefits. It is convenient, stylish, and can save you space around your home or office. Built-in wardrobes can replace your out of date furniture, and the expert furniture makers here at DCR Kitchens & Counters can make a built in wardrobe for you that encompasses the use of multiple pieces such as book shelves, cupboards, draws and more. Our built-In wardrobes are made in collaboration with you, distinctively to your needs and specifications. Why look anywhere else for built-in furniture when at DCR Kitchens & Counters, we work with only the best materials, have the best workmen and offer the best prices in the business?  And our built-in furniture options don’t stop with just wardrobes. We can build wall mounts for your TV, vanitiesSave for your bathroom, and a whole range of pieces for your laundry as well! 


    Your office should be designed in a way that is catered to your needs. And at DCR Kitchens & Counters, we can do that for you. We can build your cabinets, worktops, and fix all of your sinks and basins in place, and we can also offer contractors to fill the roles that we don’t. We have offered fit outs for Glen Osmond Fire Station, Burnside Village, Westpac Torrensville, Para Vista Primary School, and Centrelink Victor Harbor just to name a few. And we’d love to add your business to our ever-growing list of success stories. 


    So why should you choose DCR Kitchens & Counters over everyone else in the business? It all comes down to quality workmanship, experience, value for money, and the ability to cater our products to your needs. When you have a kitchen, laundry or office fit out with us, you know your products are made by the very finest cabinet makers in South Australia and with the best materials from the greatest names such as Laminex Group, Licoln Sentry, Australian Timbers, Dupont, Halliday Hardware and Ceasar Stone. Established in 1995, we have 21 years of experience in the field and have worked with a diverse range of clientele. Whatever your needs, we are well equipped to handle your situation for you. So why not give us a call at (08) 8384 2775 or drop in to our office at 8-18 Samuel Street Hackham for a FREE quote and consultation?