• Real Estate Agents Oaklands Park

  • Real Estate Agents Oaklands Park

    If you are buying or selling property in Oaklands Park, SA 5046, then a conversation with Mark Neilsen at Adelaide South Property may go a long way to realising your dreams. ‘Tried and true’, ‘impeccably professional and successful at what he does’, are just some of the epithets accorded to Mark in the south of Adelaide. He would tell you that he just loves selling houses and that would be true, but the level of application that he and his team put into real estate sales is astounding. Knowing the market, means a thorough analysis of every property sale in your street and suburb over the last 12 months and beyond. Adelaide South Property don’t just pay lip service to understanding market trends and the relevant data. Call Mark on 08 8186 2777 today, or email him here, about what he can do for you.

  • Experience Delivers Sales

    Buying a property, is for most people, the largest transaction they will ever undertake. Don’t put your Oaklands Park home into the hands of an inexperienced real estate agent who may have promised you pie in the sky. You will waste valuable time, and ultimately money, if you do not engage the very best agent available. Mark Neilsen would very much appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about the possibility of selling your property. Experience delivers sales through more effective application, real market knowledge and the trust engendered through the reliable repetition of successful practice. Adelaide South Property will sell your home at the best possible price.

  • Agents Find Buyers for Vendors

    In Oaklands Park and surrounding suburbs, Mark Neilsen has been finding buyers for vendors for quite a long time now. Knowing the area and analysing the relevant data for property sales, means that he and his team have their finger on the pulse. Appraising your home in terms of what sections of the market it will appeal to is all part of the process. Is your residence suitable for first home buyers, investors, renovators, young professionals, developers, mature professionals and/or retirees? Identifying the market is the first step toward effectively reaching the right kind of potential buyers for your property. It also avoids wasting time and money on marketing your home to disinterested markets.

  • Advertising Your Property

    Switched on real estate agents like Adelaide South Property can then advertise your residence through various channels of advertising. The Internet, social media, SMS messaging to their data base, aerial photography, video presentations, letter drops, brochures and/or visually powerful signboards are all avenues that can successfully reach the right buyer for your property. Talk to Mark today about the best possible outcome for your potential sale of your home.