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    A beautiful home is not complete without a beautiful kitchen too. It’s a special place in your home, where people come together. Your family, your friends, and your neighbours. But kitchens don’t always match the rest of your home. It may have been updated before you moved in, and you simply haven’t had the time or money to update it.

    At Accolade Joinery, we can guide you through the remodelling process – so your cabinets, counters, and accessories all look the way you want them to. Join the long, and growing, list of people who have experienced the Accolade Joinery touch in their homes and kitchens. Call us anytime on 0416 205 946and get a free no-obligation quote. Mention this page, you’ll also get 10% off your cabinetry. Talk about great value! We can come out to your Goodwood (5034, SA) home, so start dialling now.

    About Accolade Joinery

    At Accolade Joinery, we make remodelling easy. Our services are affordable and our workmanship is superior, so there’s no choosing between the two. We don’t sacrifice on quality, just so you can save a buck. We work closely with you during the consultation process, to understand your style and needs. Using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology, we stick to your budget and eliminate any mistakes. We don’t cut corners when it comes to the services – any part of it.

    Don’t forget about your bathroom

    It’s not just your kitchen that needs some tender love and care, every so often. Your bathroom may need overhauling too. We can give your bathroom the real turnaround it needs. Your tiling, vanity, shower, and bath… say goodbye to dull and drab, and hello to beautiful and elegant. We can also help with your tiling, vanities, shop fitting and so much more. You’ll experience just how much small changes can make a big impact.

    What you see is what you get

    If you’re tired of searching for that furniture only to have it arrive and have no connection to it, it’s time to talk to us. Trust us when we say we understand your frustration, when you don’t get what you expect to. This is exactly why we provide you with a detailed, in-depth evaluation of their space –

    and get to know what you want in the way of furniture. Don’t settle for stock standard… work with Accolade Joinery.

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