• Plumbers Plympton

    Our Affordable Plumbing Company prides ourselves on having the best value and some of the lowest prices around. You simply must give us the opportunity for a quote if you are looking to save money and get the best value for your dollar. Being cheap is in no way a reflection of quality, as we use quality parts, and the very best experienced and licensed tradesmen.

    When you are looking for a plumber, you preferably want someone local to the area, with the right licensed and years of experience. You want a reliable and friendly plumber that is priced well. We have a mobile team of fully licensed plumbing experts who are on call twenty four hours, seven days a week. So if you have an emergency, we are here. Whatever your commercial or domestic plumbing emergency, or enquiry, we are ready to take your call.

  • Rapid Response Emergency Plumbing

    Plumbers know, by dint of experience, that when most people call a plumber it is an urgent call and they expect a fast turnaround. Our Affordable licensed experts have our vans at the ready, stacked with the latest equipment, and a full range of parts and fittings. Whether it is a blocked pipe playing havoc with your plumbing, or a flooding stormwater drain, we are on the job 24/7. CCTV in-drain camera technology can quickly locate your blockage, no matter how far underground it is, and then an electric eel or hydrojet can clear it away; without damaging your property. We are also available day or night for 24 hour emergency plumbing that won't break the budget.

  • What Services do we Provide?

    • Unblocking drains
    • 24 hour emergency repair work
    • Bathroom fittings
    • Toilet repairs and installations
    • Repairing leaking taps and faucets
    • Repairing and replacing hot water heaters
    • Gasfitting
    • Stormwater drains
    • Guttering and downpipes
    • Commercial plumbing
    • New plumbing for homes
    • Septic tank solutions
    • Smelly drains
    • Kitchen plumbing


  • Dripping Pipes

    A dripping pipe or leaking pipe can be the forerunner to more serious problems with your residential or commercial plumbing. It may begin with a small leak but then quickly become a plumbing emergency. All pipes and fittings deal with high pressure water at various times, and dripping pipes indicate that seals and/or valves are broken. Don’t let your leaking pipe turn into a major problem, get in early, and call us.

  • Discounts and Specials - Best Prices

    We regularly offer discounted plumbing services, as part of their commitment to making plumbing more affordable. We still use top quality parts and fittings but are determined to keep prices down.

    Don’t get burnt on the price of new hot water heaters by taking advantage of their brand new continuous flow gas hot water systems, fully installed, from low prices.

    Get your blocked drains professionally cleared.

    No plumbing job is too big and no job is too small!