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  • Roller Doors Elizabeth 5112

    Do you need a new garage door? Or are you in need of repair work or maintenance? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Eric of Viking Services is your local contractor.

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    There are so many styles and colours of garage roller doors that it can get a little bit daunting as to which one is right for your home. Thankfully there are online displays where you can select colours and styles and view how they will look on your house. Once you've chosen the colour and style you like, contact Eric of Viking Services as your local installer and repairman. Eric can do a measure and quote on any new roller doors, or garage door servicing and repairs.

  • Garage Roller Door Repairs

    If you would like your roller door to operate smoothly, or have a manual one converted to an automatic remote controlled one, then contact Eric on the above number. As well as supplying and installing new roller doors, Eric also specialising in the maintenance and repair aspect. It is quite common for runners to wear out and dents and scratches can also hamper the sliding mechanism.
    More information: The most common varieties are made out of steel and aluminium. These are in the panel lift doors, tilt up doors or roller doors.
    Once you've picked the style to suit your home and your budget, then it's onto the next task of selecting a colour. There are so many colours to choose from, so finding one to match your home will not be difficult. If you want to go for a little bit of a point of difference, you can get a wood look finish as well.

  • How much does a garage door cost?

    Generally a panel lift door is going to cost you more than a normal roller door. However if you are building a new home I personally believe it's worth paying a tiny bit more to enhance the look. Just another tip, get your garage door motorised and get a couple remote controls. This will make sure you actually use your garage for storing your car, and not just all the leftover junk you can't fit inside your house. Eric can motorise any roller door, new or old. The remote control makes life so much easier.

  • New installation

    Eric of Viking services does new garage roller door installation as well as maintenance of existing doors. For any enquiry, or to make your door run smoothly, contact Eric on the number provided.