• Auto Repairs near Christies Beach

  • Finding an honest and experienced auto repair workshop can be tough. You might find a great mechanic but they charge too much. At Aldershot Service Centre, we blend both experience and affordability. Ben and Karl lead our team, with over 28 years of combined mechanical experience. Contact us for all your mechanical needs on 8384 6033. If you need a car service, ask us about our current special from $80. We take pride in our premium workmanship and quick turnaround times. Christies Beach SA 5165 is close to our service centre in Lonsdale. You can find us at 2/4 Aldershot Road between 8.00-5.00pm Monday to Friday, and 8.00-12.00pm Saturday. 

  • Automotive services

    We service and repair all popular car makes and models. At Aldershot, we believe that taking care of your car saves you money in the long run. Protect your car, your investment, by coming to us for affordable, professional auto repairs and services. 

  • Brakes

    Keeping your brakes in great condition isn’t optional. They’re probably the most important part of your car. At Aldershot, we offer a range of brake services and repairs, including brake pad replacements, flushing brake systems, and re-filling brake fluid. When it comes to your safety, leave it to the professionals.

    Ask us about these other tasks, if you need us:

    • Logbook services
    • Major & minor services
    • Scanning & diagnostics
    • Clutch service & repairs
    • Exhaust service & repairs
    • Auto transmission flush
    • Battery checks & replacements
    • Fuel suspension checks
    • Cooling system service & repairs
    • Timing belt replacement
    • Cylinder head repairs
    • Mechanical repairs. 
  • How to take care of your tyres

    Taking care of your tyres and prolonging their life just takes a bit of effort. But done right, and you could save hundreds on replacement costs. Try do incorporate these habits into each month: 

    • Check your tyre pressure: If your tyres aren’t inflated enough, they’ll wear sooner than they should. A tyre can lose up to half its inflation if not pumped up right.
    • Ensure your wheels are aligned: Invest in a wheel alignment. It will correct the time you hit the curb or pothole before it damages your tyres.
    • Rotate your tyres: Regularly rotate your tyres will help promote longevity. Remember to rotate every 5,000km.
    • Look for unusual tread: Visually check your tyres for unusual wear and damage.

    We can handle all of your mechanical repair needs. Call us now on 8384 6033. We’re the local mechanic for many Christies Beach residents already. Let’s work together.