• Test and Tag in Regency

  • Bee Safe Test and Tag

    Need your electrical equipment tested? Computers, power boards, microwaves, handheld tools, extension leads… we can inspect it! Whether your equipment is in an industrial warehouse, commercial office or retail shop, we’ll test and tag it for you. At Bee Safe Test & Tag, all of our licensed technicians can provide all the records you need for your OH&S risk management documentation. If your business is in Regency or the surrounding suburbs, give us a call today.

    Electrical tagging & fire extinguisher testing

    It’s important to test your electrical equipment regularly to make sure its safe to use. Other terms you may of heard of that also mean test and tag include electrical tagging, appliance testing, portable appliance testing, tagging, electrical test tagging, and lead tagging. They all mean the same thing. Once you’ve cleared all of your appliances, your equipment is free to be used – and your mind will be at ease that there are no faults of costly damages coming your way.

    Make sure your business is compliant

    If your business doesn’t comply with OH&S standards for electrical appliances, you risk penalties. And it’s important to choose a company that can thoroughly provide you with all the records of the tests, so you can keep it if you’re ever asked for it.  Working with Bee Safe, you can ensure your business is compliant – both under the Australian law and your insurance policy.

    Electrical safety is important

    When it comes to your electrical devices, safety is absolutely crucial. And while electricity is something we use everyday, it only takes one faulty appliance to turn life threatening. Sometimes we simply forget how dangerous electricity really is, and how many people are harmed everyday – in businesses. This is why there are laws in place to ensure companies are doing the right think and keeping their appliances in good working order. The best way to do this is through regular testing and tagging. Record keeping for electrical items can prevent OH&S issues. There are penalties for businesses that don’t cooperate. Plus, non-compliance can also result in breaching an insurance policy… so it pays to maintain your appliances.

    Stay on top of your electrical testing by using Bee Safe. We can work with you to prepare a plan to make sure you never have to deal with the consequences of a failed electrical device. Consequences that many have never been able to return from.