• Tyres in Goodwood

    Goodwood residents have been coming to Goodyear Tyre and Auto for years. We’re just around the corner, at 107 Cross Road, Hawthorn. People love us because we’re local – but international, too. We make sure your tyres are fitted to deliver the best performance for your car. Our high level of expertly trained employees and latest innovative technology makes Goodyear a standout.

  • Car tyre advice

    There are things you can do to prolong the life of your tyres, in between visits to your tyre specialist.

    They include:

    • Checking the pressure

    It’s important to make sure the tyre pressure is checked every week.

    • Don’t drive on bald tyres

    Bald tyres that are worn down are unsafe. And driving on them is dangerous, so make sure they’re replaced immediately.

    • Don’t mix your tyres

    Make sure all of your tyres are the same size. If they’re different, it can be dangerous.

    • Avoid fast impacts

    Coming into contact with curbs and driveways can cause tyre damage. Try to avoid hitting them fast, or at all.

    • Rotate your tyres

    Every 10,000km, be sure to rotate your tyres.

  • Why choose Goodyear Tyre and Auto

    We’re one of the world’s largest tyre companies. And while we’re very proud of this, our point of difference isn’t our international scope – it’s that we’re local and accessible. By choosing Goodyear Tyre and Auto, our customers get a service that’s close to home – and one that’s backed by an international brand. Our products and workmanship are state-of-the-art. And we’re always ahead of the technological curve, to offer innovative services. The cutting edge of tyre technology, there’s no other like us, at Goodyear.

  • Taking care of your car tyres

    To maintain great tyre quality, even after you’ve been driving on them for some time, follow these tips.

    • Check the pressure often. While you’re there, take a look at the tread for abrasions, bulges, and wear that doesn’t look right.
    • If you’re recently undergone a severe impact while driving, take your car into see a tyre technician. You may think there’s no damage, but it could be hidden to the untrained eye.
    • Don’t drive on under inflated tyres, and always inflate to the pressure that’s been suggested.
    • If you hear strange sounds or feel unusual vibrations, you might need a wheel alignment. These are suggested every 10,000km, at least.

    For more great tips, talk to the tyre and auto team at Goodyear.