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    What is a home loan and what can it do for you? Well, if you’re looking to buy your first house, move into a new one, refinance your current home or invest in land and property, but you don’t have all of the money to buy it, you’ll need a loan. Banks are normally the best way to go to get finance. With a home loan, you pay off the amount you need to, over a predetermined period of time. Of course, this comes with interest too, but that’s a natural part of owning your home. Don’t let this put you off.

    Mortgage Brokers

    Finding a mortgage broker can save yourself a lot of stress. Trust us, we’ve seen some very stressed out people come to us. And we love to help them get on the path to enjoying this life milestone. While you don’t have to have a broker, it does save you a lot of time and stress… and money too. Your broker's job is to understand what you’re looking for – and match it with the right loan, for you. We’ll consider things like: How much you’ve saved, your income, the property’s cost, and the length of the loan etc. As brokers, we’ll shop around, on your behalf, to find the perfect plan for you.

    About Advantage Finance

    In the last decade, we’ve been working with people in Ingle Farm and Adelaide’s north – to get into their homes, pay off their loans, and build their wealth. And we can help you too. With over 30 partners including reputable institutions like Adelaide Bank, Citi Bank, Commonwealth Bank, GE Money, ING and more. We have all the right connections to make sure that you get the best deals – and the most bang for your buck each time you sign for a loan. Our Advantage team will see you through every stage of your financing plan – from your initial inquiry to signing on the dotted line.

    Refresh your home, by refinancing

    Home loans aren’t only new homeowners. If you’re looking to refinance your current home, it’s perfect for you. You might take out finance on your home again, for many reasons. Your current structure simply may not work for you anymore.This is especially helpful if you took out loans while the market rates were a specific amount. You can easily take advantage of the current market’s interest rate, as well as renegotiateyour terms.

    Home loans are meant to make your life easier. You get into your dream home quicker. Plan your finances with Advantage, your way. Live in Ingle Farm (5098) and looking for finance help? Call Advantage Finance’s Managing Director Grant Renshaw. Grant's Australian Credit License number is 384510.