• Quality Services in the Southern Suburbs

    Do you need a local plumber who can give honest reliable advice, and provide a complete plumbing service in Seaford? Then meet the plumbers team from Fawcett Plumbing and Gas.
    Fawcett can provide a solution to any of your plumbing needs no matter how big or small. Amongst the services they offer are gas fitting, fixing leaking taps, unblocking toilets, drain cleaning, hot water repairs.
    Fawcett believe that getting the job done correctly without any shortcuts is the most important part of being a plumber. Throw in some great customer service, and the fact that they are locals, and you have a winning formula for your plumber of choice. You can contact Fawcett Plumbing and Gas on the number above for prompt service on any of your needs listed below.

  • What services do we provide?

    Fawcett Plumbing and Gas do every type of work conceivable. Please take a look at the extensive list of services they offer below. If you have a request that's not on there, please don't hesitate to call them and ask. Chances are with their experience it will fall within the scope of work they do.

    -All types General Plumbing Seaford
    -Gas Fitting (Fully Licensed Gas Fitters)
    -Stormwater Seaford
    -Excavation Work
    -Fixing Leaks and Replacing Washers
    -Bathroom Renovations
    -Hot Water Repairs
    -Gas Installations
    -New Home Plumbing
    -Clear Blocked Drains Seaford
    -Dig Ups

    So for any plumbing emergency or problem, the team at Fawcett Plumbing and Gas are the plumbers to contact.

  • Plumbing and Gasfitting | 5169

    Fawcett Plumbing and Gas are more than just plumbers. They are expert gas fitters too. If you have appliances, fireplaces, or hot water systems that need connecting to gas, then you need a qualified gasfitter. In South Australia, it is the law for all gas fitters to be licensed, as such Fawcett Plumbing and Gas ensure their gasfitting licenses are up to date at all times.

    Trusting a qualified and licensed plumber and gasfitter will ensure that your insurances are covered, and give you peace of mind that a trained and fully licensed expert is operating on your premises.

  • Plumbers Seaford

    Call Fawcett Plumbing if you have a leaking tap, blocked drain, or any other plumbing problem on your property. We service Seaford Rise, Seaford Meadows and the southern suburbs of Adelaide. For an emergency plumber backed by decades of experience, call Fawcett Plumbing and Gas for all your needs.

  • About Fawcett Plumbing and Gas

    Fawcett Plumbing and Gas are a team of experienced plumbers in Seaford. A family run company with more than 2 decades of experience as plumbers, Seaford families know that Fawcett is a company they can trust. They are available 24/7 all year round to handle all manner of plumbing emergencies, from small leaks to those big disasters. Based in Southern Adelaide, Fawcett Plumbing and Gas work with customers in the South of Adelaide, and are happy to take a look at all plumbing jobs, including more complex gas installation jobs.

  • Blocked Drains

    Blocked drains are a common problem, and something that Fawcett will be happy to help with, solving the problem in a sanitary, safe and prompt manner so you don't have to worry about leaks happening again. Their emergency team is always on hand to take a look at your drains, and to clear blockages before they become a health risk. Don't ignore clogged drains, because they can go from being a minor irritation to a serious sanitation risk if they are left untreated for too long, and they are usually easier than you think to get fixed.

  • Hot Water Systems

    In addition to blocked drains and other general repairs and maintenance, Fawcett are qualified installation engineers for water heaters, and can repair your existing heaters too. Whatever kind of system you have, there's a good chance that they will have worked with it before given that they have over 2 decades of family experience in the plumbing industry. They have worked with everything from residential installations to five star hotels, and are committed to providing the highest quality service every step of the way.

  • Other Services Provided

    Fawcett Plumbing and Gas's comprehensive service list includes most plumbing tasks, such as:

    - Blocked drains
    - Leaking Taps
    - Hot water system replacements and repair
    - Bathroom renovations
    - Solar / Gas and Electric work
    - Troubleshooting plumbing problems
    - Kitchen renovations
    - Hydrojets with CCTV

  • Fix Leaking Taps

    A very common call out is for a dripping tap, a leaking faucet, or leaking shower. This is not usually a big issue, and usually the boys can fix it and be in and out in a very short period of time, saving you money. As local Seaford Plumbers you will always get prompt reliable service for whatever drips or leaks need fixing. Don't leave these problems too long, as they never improve over time.

  • Stormwater Plumbers

    As stormwater plumbers, Fawcett Plumbing and Gas can handle any new stormwater work or upgrade your existing pipes. They are great on the small excavation machines and trenching machines, which means they can be super efficient when it comes to the efficient laying of your new stormwater pipes.

    For all your plumbing needs of any type, contact the phone number at the top of the page to speak to Fawcett Plumbing and Gas - Plumbers Seaford.

  • Contact Us

    As well as repairs, they are one of the most respected plumbers Seaford residents use for installation services, and offer reliable and reputable services. If you live in the Seaford Rise and Seaford Meadows area, or nearby, then you should take a look at their services. No job is too minor, and no emergency too pressing - expect a prompt and professional response, and a job done for reasonable prices, if you call Fawcett. Please use the contact form to get in touch.