• Resurfacing in Flagstaff Hill


    If you’re looking to add value to your Flagstaff Hill property, or just want to give your kitchen a new look, you might want to resurface your kitchen with the best in the business – Resurfacing Adelaide. At Resurfacing Adelaide, we can bring your kitchen up to code with our range of laminates and veneers which we add to your benchtops, cabinets and splashbacks to give them a fresh, modern feel. We supply a range of 28 colors, and many textures and materials to ensure that you get precisely the aesthetic what you deserve. Kitchen Resurfacing is the best alternative to renovation. So give us a call at 0412 385 82 for a FREE quote on all of our services!


    At Resurfacing Adelaide, we don’t just focus on kitchens. We’re renowned for resurfacing bathrooms, too! Whether you’re looking to give your bathroom a dated look or something more modern, we can definitely assist you in turning your bathroom into something special for you and your family. We will resurface your vanities, tiles, and recoat your grout and more. Whatever it takes to get the job done, you can trust that we’re more than equipped to do just that. Don’t call in the renovators and spend extraordinary amounts of money and time, let Resurfacing Adelaide resurface your Flagstaff Hill bathroom.


    Resurfacing is the best alternative to renovation because it is cheaper, more convenient, and quicker than renovation. Renovating a room can take weeks, or even months and can leave the room out of use for just as long while workmen stream in and out on a constant basis. However, with resurfacing, the process takes about 48 hours at most from start to finish. And because the process is relatively quick, it is also pretty economic. Renovating a room can cost upwards of $20,000, but with Resurfacing Adelaide, you can save up to 70% on those costs if you choose to resurface instead. If your issues with your room are cosmetic rather than structural, resurfacing is definitely the best way to go. 


    There are plenty of reasons to choose Resurfacing Adelaide above our competitors, but let’s just scratch the surface of a few. At Resurfacing Adelaide, we put customer satisfaction and results above all else. We’ve been in the business for a very long time, so we definitely know how to best suit our clients. Our services are prompt, reliable, and our workmanship is top notch. We use only the safest chemicals in your home, which are low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which means that the rooms we service are safe to enter soon after entry. Our services are value for money, we offer full guarantees on everything we do and FREE quotes. So there’s no reason not to give Resurfacing Adelaide a go! Give us a call at 0412 385 82 to arrange your FREE quote today!