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    Looking for a carpenter/cabinet maker near you that can build you a new kitchen or any part of your home or office? then you have come to the right place. We are the number 1 joinery/cabinet making company in SA and have helped thousands of customers get the dream look for their kitchens, laundry's, offices and even workplaces. continue reading if you would like to know more about us. 

  • Carpenter Companies

    Carpenters perform a wide variety of tasks, usually to do with wood working. In Adelaide, they fall into several main categories, each with a specialised skill set. Some work with larger structures, such as timber frames, roof trusses and the framework of buildings. While others deal with more intricate carpentry work like skirting boards, door frames, or cabinetmaking. The following article will outline what they do, and therefore which type to hire for your job.

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    For local businesses look no further than our carpentry service. We are a local South Australian business, servicing all corners of Adelaide, from the Hills to Glenelg Beach, from Gawler to Victor Harbor and all points in between. With hundreds of local carpentry projects completed in SA, we are proud of our reputation and our standard of work servicing the community. We will always put in the highest level of effort and detail into every job that we complete, and will always put the customer first to make sure they get the results and satisfaction that they need. 

  • Joiners Adelaide

    A joiner does the finishing carpentry. So this will include things like cabinetmaking, parquetry, fine woodworking and timber furniture. The margin for error is often small, as they are working with fine details and precise joins. Often called a finish carpenter, a joiner is an expert at precision work. They are one of the best people to employ when it comes to having custom furniture, kitchen cabinets, shelves, storage units and anything else built that needs to be crafted to the exact specifications. 

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    Before you engage a carpenter to work for you, make sure they are suited to the type of work you need done. This article and subsequent checklist, will help you determine the best tradesperson to hire for the job. Check their licensing and insurances, as you should only ever use licensed tradespeople. This will ensure that you get the best quality work and the most competitive price. Using a highly qualified expert in this field will give you the best results and will save you money in the long run as the work will be completed to the highest standard from the very beginning. 

  • What tasks does a Carpenter do?

    A tradesman who does rough carpentry, framer, roofer or joister will take care of large structural jobs. Such as building timber frames, roof trusses, housing frames and any of the following.

    They are responsible for reading plans, and assembling large structural timber items. See the following list below of what they do in Adelaide.

    Wall framing: When you picture the stereo typical carpenter, you imagine him as a wall framer. Wall framing provides the structural support for new homes, buildings, and extensions or renovations.

    Roof Framing: Roof framing is the assembling of roof trusses (which are often manufactured off site). Carpenters can work in with the designing and quantities for new homes.

    Patios and Verandahs: Patios require a good design and good framework. The roof design can be pitched or flat or built custom to suit the style of home. The timber used on a verandah should only be assembled by a licensed tradesman.

    Carports: Creating a custom carport is easy with the right plans and the right tradesman. We can handle all framework and structural designs to seamlessly integrate a carport or garage into your home.

    Decking: Getting the joist right along with good craftsmanship and quality timber can make a bold statement and provide the ultimate entertaining area. The right decks add value and look simply stunning for entertaining guests, or relaxing on yourself.

    Pergolas: Pergolas require a good structure and design. They are a visual showpiece as well as a practical shading area. As quality licensed tradespeople, adept in woodwork, we can create your dream pergola for your yard.

    Builders: Because of extensive work with structural framing, carpenters are often referred to as builders.

    extensions and renovations: For roof trusses and timber framing on an extension contact us. We can help improve your space and add an extra dimension to your renovation to create a larger dream home.

    Timber lining: Something we've noticed growing in popularity is timber lining. This was originally seen in commercial premises, but is now very popular and common in high end homes. It is essentially like decking for the underside of your ceilings. It can be used in portico entrances to create a grand opening or the underside of patios and alfresco areas.

  • What other types of Carpenters are there?

    Framer: A timber framer is the role you most commonly see these trades people performing on new construction sites. They erect the timber required, which provides the structural support for buildings. This requires the ability to read and follow plans, use exact measurements, and ensure all necessary timber is correctly fixed to the concrete footings, and to each other for support.

    Joister: This is a specialist field, and often joisters will only do this single form of role. Floor joists are the large beams laid under flooring, for the floorboards to be perpendicularly attached to. They must give the necessary strength and support to the timber flooring above, and are also used underneath decking.

    Rough: The role of these guys overlaps slightly what a framer and roofer do. But, as the name suggests, it is more rough work without the final sanding an polishing. This may be assembling large scale structural work.

    Roofer: The framer is often the roofer, however working with roof trusses is a specialist job where they focus on rafter, trusses and beams.

    Trim: Think of smaller work and trimmings around the house that require timber work. So door architraves, wooden window frames, skirting boards, faux fireplaces. These are all items specially manufactured by a trimmer.

    Joiner: Joiners have been covered off on above. They do the finishing carpentry and fine connections. These include things like wardrobes and furniture or other forms of more intricate wood fashioning.

    Cabinet Maker: Cabinet makers make furniture and dressers. Their list of expertise includes walk in robes, built in robes, laundry cabinets and kitchen cabinets. If you need a kitchen built for you, you would contact a cabinetmaker.