• Real Estate Tranmere

    Interested in selling your Tranmere home? Or, are you looking to buy in this eastern suburb of Adelaide? Korn Real Estate is a reliable and trusted name in real estate and property management in this part of town. You will benefit from their lengthy list of contacts and networks of buyers and sellers. Experience counts for a great deal in the property market and Korn Wang has the kilometres on the clock to prove it. Success comes with application and hard work in the real estate game. Miles and miles of smiles, and enough handshakes to last a lifetime; but he loves doing it, every single day.

  • Property Management Tranmere

    If you are looking at entering the investment property market, or if you already have a Tranmere property needing management, then Korn Real Estate can help. Senior Property Manager Ian Wang has a ‘Kornucopia’ of properties already under the firm’s management; he and his staff have established an impressive system that contributes to the client satisfaction levels they have achieved. Attention to detail when it comes to tenancy applications, strict care and maintenance of the properties, maximum rental returns for clients and good communication between all parties makes for a well run ship.

  • The Team at Korn

    Korn has assembled a team of highly motivated sales professionals around him to service the Tranmere property market. Buying and selling houses and apartments, rental property management and administering a busy and well run office, are all tasks asked of the Korn team. They live and breathe this area and know the streets, the schools, the shops and people. Strike up a conversation with one of them and you will be impressed.

  • Real Estate Agents

    The real estate game is based on service; those who provide superior levels of service prosper and succeed. Korn Real Estate is committed to the highest levels of customer service right across the board. Their agents will be first on the scene, and, generally, the last to leave. Satisfying clients is their only real measure of success.

  • About Korn

    Korn and Ian are family, this is a family run business. They both embody the values instilled in them by their parents, respect, courtesy and upholding the community. Proud South Australians, they both love living and working in this part of Adelaide.

    Korn have achieved high sales success rates in Tranmere and surrounding suburbs. Vendors have been pleased with the prices returned on their properties. Talk to Korn today, and you will be pleasantly surprised by what they have to say.

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