• Air Conditioning Services Blackwood

    Are you looking for top quality air-conditioning servicing in Blackwood? Muller Air Conditioning is your number one choice for air con repairs, servicing and installations in Adelaide. They have a fleet of vans on the road seven days a week to provide you with air-conditioning solutions. Their team of fully trained electricians, plumbers, refrigeration technicians and ducting specialists can solve any air conditioning problem or situation. When you require emergency air-conditioning repairs, remember the one name you can trust to arrive on time, every time, Muller Air Conditioning. Call us

  • New Split System or Ducted Air Installations in Blackwood

    If you are thinking about upgrading your air conditioning system, talk to the experts in air conditioning in and speak with us about the best air con system for your particular situation. No home is alike and no business the same; we all have individual needs. A new air conditioner can save you money. Today’s air-conditioners are run on 21st-century technology, providing energy efficient air-conditioning and greener results for the environment.

  • All Types of Air Conditioning

    Whether you have reverse cycle ducted, evaporative, Ductair, wall splits, ducted central heating or variable refrigerant systems, Muller Air Conditioning can service them all. In Blackwood and in the surrounding Adelaide Hills’ suburbs, they are your best choice for fast and comprehensive solutions to air-conditioning problems.

  • Regular Servicing

    All air conditioners require regular servicing to function at their best. Domestic reverse cycle air-conditioners need to be serviced every 12 months; not complying with this can void your warranty. For the best results, contact Muller Air Conditioning and make an appointment to see one of their technicians today.

  • Healthy Air Conditioning

    Healthy air conditioning depends upon clean filters and regular servicing. To reduce airborne bacteria and improve the quality of your air; get your air conditioning unit regularly serviced in Blackwood.

  • South Australian Conditions

    In South Australia we experience some of the most demanding climatic conditions in the country. Our summers are very hot and our winters quite cool. We need working air-conditioning for much of the calendar year. Don’t let yourself down by neglecting your air conditioner. Make sure it is there for you when you really need it.

  • Become a Priority Customer

    Business owners can become Muller Air Conditioning Priority Customers. This means that their annual servicing is fully taken care of. When one air con company looks after all your air-conditioning, it means that they know your machines inside and out. Preventative maintenance delivers improved air quality and longevity for your air conditioning system.