• Panel Beaters Mitcham SA

    Panel beating has come a long way since the bad old days of bruised metal and toxic fumes. Artini Crash Repairs have all the very latest measuring and spray painting technologies to make your panel beating experience a brand new one. Exact measuring means pinpoint accuracy when repairing and painting your Mitcham vehicle. No waste and no mistakes, saves you time and money. David Pastro, the Customer Service Manager, estimates that Artini Crash Repairs have more than fifty year’s experience among their workshop technicians.

  • About Artini Crash Repairs

    With a commitment to superior workmanship at reasonable prices, Artini Crash Repairs have a working business model that delivers on its promises. Decades of success testify to that. You can, even, email a picture of your damaged car to them for their professional assessment. Making things easier for their customers is all part of the service.

  • Estimated Cost

    The Artini Crash Repair’s Five Step Program has been specifically designed to benefit you, the customer. They Estimate cost and time involved; then, they Repair; next, they Refinish; then, Reassemble; before finally, checking Quality Control. Nothing misses their eagle eye and they return your vehicle in tip top shape, inside and outside.

  • Infrared Drying Technology

    This innovative technology means less waiting around for your car’s repainting to dry; saving you time and money. When you want your Mitcham car to be fixed and back on the road sooner, talk to David at Artini Crash repairs.

  • Crash Repairs Mitcham 5062

    If your vehicle is in an accident, or is damaged, in Mitcham or anywhere else in Adelaide, contact Artini Crash Repairs. They have the expertise and experience to get your car back on the road in perfect shape at the right price. Since 1995, Joe Artini, the Director of Artini Crash Repairs has been turning disasters into transformations. In go, crunched up vehicles, and out come, gleaming as new cars. Artini Crash Repairs is recommended by SA Fleet, SA Police, Delnote Constructions and the Mitcham Council.

  • Insurance Claims

    Take the hassle out of crash repairs and insurance claims with the benefit of an experienced guiding hand. Artini Crash Repairs, with a host of expertise and experience, can make this process run a whole lot smoother and quicker. Don’t get upset, let them drive the process on your behalf. South Australians have been thanking them for decades.

  • Paintless Dent Removal

    If only going to the dentist was this painless. Paintless Dent Removal for your Mitcham car can take the expense and worry out of fixing a range of dings and creases.

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