• Plumbers in Birkenhead

  • Plumbers Birkenhead

    Need a plumber in Birkenhead? No call out fee, same day service, 24/7/ emergency plumbing and 10% off labour when you mention this ad. What more could you ask for? ABA Plumbing and Gas are your trusted local plumbers. If you are after a wholly South Australian owned and operated company who offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and stand by their work, we are the plumbers for you. We are available for scheduled appointments as well as 24 hour emergency call outs and let’s be honest, you don’t often call on a plumber unless you are in a situation. We are the situation maestros.

  • Hot Water

    How much do we rely on being able to turn on a tap and find that water comes out of it? And when we need that water to be hot, how disheartening is it when it is not? ABA Plumbers are your water heating experts. We will attend and identify the problem, repair or replace as required and have you steaming it up in no time. 

  • Gas and Gas Fitting

    Gas work and gas fitting services are a specialised field and should only be undertaken by qualified and licensed professionals. At the first sign of an interruption to your gas supply or if you think you can smell gas, you should turn off the tap at your gas meter box, call ABA Plumbing and Gas. We will attend as a priority and quickly have your gas supply returned to normal so you can get on with cooking, heating, living.

  • Leaking Taps

    The drip, drip, drip soon adds up. And how annoying is that drip, drip, drip?? ABA Plumbing and Gas will help save your sanity in the short term and your bank balance in the long term. We are equipped with all the well-known brands and have rubbers, flanges and valves on tap in our vans so we can most likely sort out your problem on the spot.

  • Burst Pipes

    Aagghhh, not the pipes. Sounds disastrous. Not for ABA Plumbing. Any burst pipe problems can be handled by our well experienced team. A burst pipe can appear to be a dramatic problem, but we are well able to identify the problem, relieve the cause, repair the damage, replace the section, rectify the situation and resolve the issues. Call on ABA Plumbing and Gas anytime, day or night

  • Toilet Replacement

    Everyone needs the use of a toilet, several times a day. It is not really something that can be up for negotiation and if you are having problems with your toilet bowl, cistern or complete system, things can turn to s _ _t pretty quickly. Take charge and call ABA Pluming and Gas early on and we will soon have you sitting pretty once again.

  • Blocked Drains

    Blocked drains are the kind of thing that can sneak up on you. A glug here and a gurgle there, you tend to ignore those and then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, the rise of the dreaded underworld. You think all that you have rinsed down the drain has disappeared forever, but blocked drains can bring it all back up again. Unless you call on ABA Plumbing and Gas. We can quickly solve your blocked drain problems and offer the best advice to help it from being a recurring problem.

  • Plumbers Birkenhead

    Plumbing and gasfitting specialists who offer free, no obligation quotes, no call out fees and pensioner discounts. Our sound and practical advice, competent work and genuine after sales customer service is without equal in the industry and will have you searching out the name ABA Plumbing and Gas in Birkenhead every time you find yourself in a plumbing or gas situation.