• Solar in Gawler

  • Greener House Solutions

    Greener Housing Solutions like the saying ‘Keep Calm and Go Solar’. They know that going green will keep you calm, keep more money in your pocket and keep the environment healthier. They know that enabling you to reduce your household running costs and improve the efficiency of your household will keep you supremely calm. Greener Housing Solutions are passionate about reneable energy systems and have been instrumental in the industry for more than 10 years. A family owned South Australian business, they operate with a select team of licensed electricians and tradespeople, have extensive experience and expertise and are accredited with the Clean Energy Council so you can feel confident in receiving a high quality, safe and reliable photovoltaic system. CEC accreditation also enables the client to access government rebates and feed in tariffs while continually providing installers access to professional development and technical support. These are some important considerations for our customers in deciding upon a solar energy systems installer.

  • Enthusiasm

    Energy is produced by panels converting sunlight into energy. They comprise many smaller units called photovoltaic cells and it is within these cells where the sunlight is converted into energy. This energy may then be utilised to power your electrical needs, hot water and heating. It is a renewable energy resource, making great use of the rays of the sun.  The greater the number of cells on your roof top means a greater amount of energy can be generated. Approximately 1 in 100 houses or office buildings have been fitted with cells currently and Greener Housing Solutions has a desired objective to increase that number and spread the benefits of renewable energy to more and more households and businesses. 

  • Solar System Process

    Darren English, owner of Greener Housing Solutions, is dedicated to catering to the individual consumer as each home or office premises is unique in its configuration and needs. Darren will visit with you on site in Gawler, then determine and design the best solar energy system for your requirements. This consult and quote is complimentary. Greener Housing Solutions are confident their vast product knowledge and exemplary customer service will have you signing up for as many solar panels as will fit on your dwelling. You will be sold on the benefits and keen to start saving some money. Fully equipped to service, clean and repair any solar energy system as well as provide additional appliances and upgrades, Greener Housing Solutions can also advise on battery backup packages to save more money. Micro Inverter systems, which are a more current and advanced method of solar energy conversion are available through Darren and his team as well. Greener Housing Solutions would also like you to know of their passion for other green housing solutions, such as the ‘ecoflo’ heating and cooling units, premier poly rainwater tanks in all shapes and sizes, the use of LED lighting and the thermal imaging service available to survey your electrical equipment and components. 

  • Superior Installers in Your Area

    If you are a consumer who, ‘didn’t used to believe in Solar Energy, but is warming up to the idea’, then Greener Housing Solutions is the go to team for you. For comprehensive information and genuine advice, Greener Housing Solutions will provide you great customer service, speedy solar panel installations, after sales follow ups and support all at great value for money prices. Call Greener Housing Solutions so your energy system can start powering up your home and your wallet today.