• Solar Battery Storage Systems on Eyre Peninsula

  • All State Solar

    In the market for a solar battery storage system for your Eyre Peninsula home or business? The name to trust is AllState Solar; twenty-five year veterans of the solar and home improvement industries. As their name suggests, AllState Solar service all areas around the continent. Whether you are in Ceduna, Streaky Bay, Elison, Port Lincoln, Cummins, Coml, Cleave or Woodena, they can design and install a solar system for your commercial or domestic requirements. All their representatives are fully licensed and accredited with the Master Builder Association, Australian Solar Council, Housing Industry Association and Clean Energy Council. For a Free Quote, please call 1300 166 477.

    Affordable Off Grid Solar

    Regional Australia is welcoming the technological advances in solar battery storage systems. Off grid/ stand-alone solar power is now a reality for denizens of far away. AllState Solar can design and install a stand-alone solar system for your Eyre Peninsula home or business.

    Battery Backups Save the Day

    Whether it rains or shines you can have solar energy powering your night or day with battery backups installed on your solar system. Government feed-in tariffs have bitten the dust; and solar is now all about energy storage. New generation inverters and lithium-ion batteries are transforming what you can now do with the sun’s energy. These batteries are lighter, smaller, longer lasting and high performing. The twenty first century is delivering on solar’s promise to make our homes self-sufficient. AllState Solar can advise you on the best battery backup system for your household or business. Schneider, Sun Grow, Solax, Pylontech LFPs and LG Chem batteries are some of the brands offer. They service all areas around the country and are competitively priced for top quality solar.

    Solar Storage

    Solar storage is all about capturing your share of the sun’s rays to power your existence. Why pay large power companies big bucks for your electricity when you can harness a natural alternative? The old lead acid solar batteries were cumbersome, expensive and largely ineffective; today the game has changed. Lithium-ion batteries are the future and it has already arrived in South Australia. Inverters direct the energy to your household appliances and the surplus into your solar storage batteries. Now, you have power, even, when the sun is not shining. Rainy day power on the Eyre Peninsula and right around this great nation. Talk to an AllState Solar consultant about the right solar battery storage system for your particular energy needs. They offer free quotes, so that you can consider all your options. Benefit from their expertise to make the right decision at the right price today.