• Beauty Salons in Brompton

  • Beauty Salons

    Entering The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic is like stepping out of the daily grind and in to a ‘mini holiday’. No matter your purpose for visiting with us, whether it be a half hour pedicure or a full day spa indulgence, you step out of Brompton, into our domain and you are transported to places of relaxation and beauty. Lyrie, owner and beautician maestro, has developed specialised beauty therapy and anti ageing methodologies over more than 20 years and has them available to you each and every visit. Waxing, massaging, pedicures, manicures, facials, tinting, lash extensions, nail systems, light therapies, dermabrasion and so on. Our friendly staff are fully trained to remedy your every beauty and anti ageing concern.

  • Beauty Therapies

    Working with renowned products from across the globe and utilising up to the minute technologies, our staff will cocoon you in the application of whichever service you have visited for. You will emerge, dreamlike, waxed, plucked, polished, massaged, sculpted, made up and treated in only the most deserving way imaginable. Personalisation is key when dealing with such important yet sensitive matters and it will be our mission and our passion to have you entrust, in us, your whole self and we aim to have you as comfortable in our treatment rooms as if in your own bathroom or bedroom at home. This is where we believe you will achieve the greatest outcome from the services we will be providing you, when you are relaxed and your body is able to draw in the goodness and peace from the treatment and our surroundings

  • Anti Ageing Treatments

    The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic offer you relief from the air-conditioning, the sun, the wind, the pollution and your everyday stresses in the treatments we offer and the sanctuary in which we invite you to be pampered in. Situated at North Adelaide and easily accessible for all in Brompton, our friendly staff will discuss with you your beauty and anti ageing considerations and advise the most appropriate treatments for your ultimate benefit. For instance, standard facials will lighten up your face and relieve some fine lines, while Hydropeptide facials are targeted at hydrating the layers of your face. Peels, lifts and dermabrasion carefully remove the dead cell skin layer on your face to reveal fresh glowing skin underneath while light therapy may be targeted at reducing skin pigmentation or imperfections. Variable Pulsed Light technology is specifically geared towards long-lasting hair removal. We also offer tinting of your lashes and eyebrows as well as permanent lash extensions.

  • Beautification Blessings

    Our motivation at The Doll House Anti Ageing Clinic is your gratification. It pleases us to know our services have pleased you. We want to maintain our point of difference being the highest quality customer service. To avail ourselves to all, our pricing schedule is affordable and detailed for all to view. Additionally, we offer student discounts and regular specials. Gift vouchers are available for all services and to any value. We welcome bridal party gatherings as well as any special occasion events to be held at our premises. We look forward to your call and to graciously greeting you upon you impending arrival.

  • Injectables (Botox & Fillers)

    The Doll House offer the latest injectables, often referred to as Botox and fillers. This procedure is performed by a registered nurse. We offer injectables by appointment only. Please contact us on the number provided, the contact form, or by using the click to call button on a mobile device.

  • Eyelash Extentions

    If you're after a new look that will stand out and make you feel like an amazing new person, the our fantastic new range of eye lash extentions will leave you with a smile on your face and a new gleam in your eyes. Our range includes synthetic, silk and faux and come comes in an array of sizes such as 6mm and all the way through to 17mm. If you want to have the best lashes in town then come and see us at The Doll House and we will be able to have a new set applied in no time.