• Aluminium Doors & Windows in Goodwood

  • With over 10 years in experience in fitting aluminium doors and windows, Mr Glass & Aluminium is your one stop company to replace or upgrade and doors and windows you may have. We provide exceptional service and quality and can handle any sized job.

    We use only the most reliable and secure materials and products and have a relentless focus on providing the most professional service while not breaking the bank. Talk to our friendly staff today and see why we are the most well known door and window installer in Goodwood 5034.

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  • Windows and door design and installation

    With our professional edge, experience, great materials and exceptional service, its no mystery why Mr Glass & Aluminium is your best choice for new windows and doors.

    We can custom design and fit and aluminium door and window design to your existing home or business. We use the highest quality products across our designs, and can replace or make new, any shape, size and fit for your residential home or commercial business. We will come to your home or business, talk to you about what design and materials you would like, then work hard to make and install the right window or door frame for you.

    We provide windows and doors in the highest quality finished aluminium to ensure they stand up to weather conditions and daily use, maintaining their look and functionality for years to come. 

  • Glass replacement

    Glass is a temperamental material which is prone to breaking and cracking, but I’m sure you have been in that situation at some point. If you need a certain piece of glass replaced, or even an entire sheet for your home or business, we are the right team for the job.

    We will replace any type and style of glass, no matter the size or shape, in the fastest possible time frame without sacrificing quality. Every sheet of glass that we install is of the highest quality and durability. We can also install double glazed glass, which is not only stronger than regular glass, it’s an energy efficient option. It’s designed to keep the heat out during summer and keep the warmth in during winter.  

  • Other services

    If there is any part of your residential home or commercial business that has a large opening that might be unsightly, we have the service for you. We can custom design and build a new window or door frame setup that can cover the entire opening. It doesn’t matter what size or shape it is, we can bring a new dimension of light and openness with a magnificent new aluminium window or door to the area.

    This is a great option if you want to utilise a walking space from the inside to out, or if you just want to have a fantastic new view of your outer surroundings.

    Retro fitting is another one of our services. It’s the best option if you have window or door frames that you would like to keep, but just want the glass replaced on them. This ensures that you can still have the style that matches your home or business, while proving the most up to date materials in terms of glass. We can also custom design new window and door frames that incorporate the same older design to match the overall feel of your home or business

  • Why choose us?

    Whether it’s a simple toilet window replacement, or designing and installing new windows and doors for your dream home or business, Mr Glass & Aluminium is the leading expert that prides itself on quality and reliable services.

    Backed with over 10 years experience in the industry, and a immersive technical knowledge background, we will be able to guide you through the process with minimal fuss, and the results you have come to expect.